The Whoniverse is a Doctor Who reference website written by fans for fans. It focuses on the in-universe side of Doctor Who. We provide several different sorts of guide to this universe.

Story Guides

We have two very different types of guide.

The Newbies Guide is for people who are new to Doctor Who. Most Doctor Who stories are easily accessible to a newcomer, but if you have difficulty following the plot, this guide explains what you need to know. It also explains where to look for more information on the major characters and plot threads.

The Discontinuity Guide is more in-depth, describing the continuity of a particular story in great detail. It's written in a slightly tongue-in-cheek style, so not all serious.


Doctor Who being a show about a time traveller, there are several different ways to put the stories in order. We do this in several different ways.

The History of the Whoniverse, which tells the story of the Doctor Who Universe in chronological order from the universe's point of view.

The Doctor's Timeline lists stories (and a few other events in the Doctor's life) in the order they happened to him, with various notes to explain things. The Doctor's Biography fleshes this out, actually describing events as they happened to the Doctor and his travelling companions.

The UNIT Files are a conspiracy theorist's guide to certain organisations within the Doctor Who Universe. They are written from an in-universe perspective and mostly consist of a big timeline of modern day Doctor Who events told from the perspective of a conspiracy theorist..

Continuity Guides

The TARDIS Technical Index is a comprehensive guide to the Doctor's TARDIS, and to other TARDISes.

There are also a few miscellaneous articles addressing major continuity issues.

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