A Biography of the Doctor

Whilst many people have written chronologies of the Doctor Who Universe, or placed the stories in apparent internal chronological order, full biographies of the Doctor are few and far between. The only one I can find is the excellent site Who's Doctor Who? created by the late Allen Robinson and maintained by Louise Lobinske. However, that site only contains information given in the TV series. This project is far more ambitious, aiming to cover the novels and audios. We may, eventually, add in the comic strips as well.

This biography consists of two distinct parts. The timelines are simple lists of stories in order, along with various little bits of information and brief notes on what goes where. The full biography gives a synopsis of what happens to the Doctor and his companions in each story, and includes various unrecorded adventures that are mentioned in other stories. There are some more extensive notes here to explain where stories go, and the full biography includes a simple rating system to show how certain a story's placement is.

5 This story is part of the continuing series of the season it is listed under and there is no reason why it cannot be placed in broadcast/release order. Alternatively, this story has an official placement (for example, the back of a book says that it happens between two consecutive TV stories), and all the information supports that placement.

4 The Doctor/Companion combination, combined with other continuity references means that this story can only be set in a particular gap. If there are several missing adventure type stories in a gap, then this rating still applies even though the order of the stories within a gap may be uncertain. The exception is when the number of adventures within a gap is large enough to justify inserting a new season.

3 The Doctor/Companion combination, combined with other continuity references, means that this story can be placed anywhere in a run of stories, but cannot be placed precisely.

2 It's clear which Doctor is in the story, but there's no other useful information. The companions are not mentioned (but may be present), or are impossible to identify.

1 We don't know for sure which Doctor we're dealing with. In fact, we may not even know for sure that the Doctor is in the story at all.

Where appropriate, we have included explanations for the ratings and placement in brackets after the synopsis. These notes may include other information as well. We have also, occasionally, included speculation within a synopsis. All such information is in [square brackets].

We also use the same colour coding system seen in other parts of the site to indicate what type of story information is from. The system is as follows:

  • Televised Stories
  • Novels and short stories
  • Audio stories
  • Comic Strips
  • Reference Works
  • Unrecorded Adventures
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