Alien Bodies


Featuring: Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith

Placement Rating: 
4 - Between consecutive stories
Follows on from:
Follows on from:: 
Earth orbit; Quiesca, some time after 1957.
1 day

The Doctor tells Sarah that he wants to conduct a funeral. Over a period of over an hour, he makes over 100 short hops before finding the rocket he is looking for. He materialises around the capsule containing Laika, the dog that was sent into space in Sputnik 2, just before it is due to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. He then takes the TARDIS to the planet Quiescia, which is the solar system in Earth's galaxy that is furthest from Earth, and which has no native life forms. He buries Laika there, before travelling to an entirely different galaxy.

Placement Notes: 
Page 262 says that this was straight after the Doctor and Sarah left Peladon (The Monster of Peladon)
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Event relates to following story:: 

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