Interference: Book One
(Third Doctor)


Featuring: Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith

Placement Rating: 
4 - Between consecutive stories
Followed by:
The TARDIS, a Saudi Arabian prison cell, the planet Dust.

These events are a change to the Doctor's timeline. His timeline was later changed back to its original path.

The Doctor discovers an unexpected door in the TARDIS and decides to explore. He discovers his eighth incarnation apparently dying, surrounded by temporal equations marked in his own blood. The eighth Doctor has made a mistake in his calculations and crossed his own timeline. The Doctor returns to the console room, which has started dripping blood - terrifying Sarah.

The TARDIS then materialises on the planet Dust in the far future. A group called the Remote have been causing trouble on the planet and a travelling showman called I.M. Foreman has arrived with a freak-show - 11 beings who have pushed their genetic envelope to the limit. The Remote attack and capture the town whilst the Doctor and Sarah retreat into I.M. Foreman's tent. The Remote have also, unknowingly, summoned a Faction Paradox warship.

Placement Notes: 
Follows on directly from Alien Bodies prologue (page 262 of Interference: Book One. The TARDIS is en route to Earth when it’s diverted to Dust (page 263).
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Event relates to following story:: 

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