• Reply to: Love and War   4 days 2 hours ago
    Author: Abraham

    Could be wrong, but didn't the lunar penal colony first appeared in Frontier in Space?

  • Reply to: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang   1 month 1 week ago
    Author: DavidBE

    You have "Cleopatra's bodyguard taught him how to use a sword" under Unrecorded Adventures. Should be under continuity - he said that in Masque Of Mandragora.

  • Reply to: Harvest of Time   1 month 3 weeks ago
    Author: Ank57

    is the plural of sild
    sild or silds?

  • Reply to: The Age of Steel   2 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Wigleman

    When the doctor asks Pete what the base for the decryption of the password is Pete says binary 9, but the password word Mickey types in includes a 0 and a 9 meaning it was binary 10, with ten digits including 0. Of course it still works though, nbd

  • Reply to: No Future   2 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: Stephanie Biggins

    Um... You might want to rewatch The Daleks' Master Plan. Specifically Escape Switch.

    RE: the whole Monk being the Master thing, where does the War Chief fit into all that? And what about Big Finish's two new incarnations of the Monk?

  • Reply to: War of the Daleks   3 months 1 week ago
    Author: Anonymous

    I think this book could be better by having no continuity changes/ different changes

  • Reply to: Harvest of Time   3 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: whoniverse

    It could be between The Daemons and Day of the Daleks, Day of the Daleks and The Curse of Peladon or The Curse of Peladon and The Sea Devils. It's up to you which of those three gaps you would prefer it to fit into.

  • Reply to: Harvest of Time   3 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: Ank57

    sooo... what stories is this inbetween?

  • Reply to: The Man in the Velvet Mask   4 months 1 week ago
    Author: DavidBE

    Roots - the black ships with all the legs and screaming constantly screamed Babylon 5 Shadow vessels to me.

  • Reply to: Tragedy Day   4 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Rabukurafuto

    Tragedy Day gets off to a good start with the media conspiracies but stumbles and crashes by the end. Crispin's insecurities and Shrubb's attempted Celebroid rebellion are introduced far too late into the story, and they might have gotten some room to breathe if not for the whole Friars of Pangloss nonsense dragging out the ending. On top of that, the Vijjans had no real role to play beyond being slaughtered. Disappointing.

  • Reply to: First Doctor Profile   4 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: William Hartnell

    The Dalek Invasion of Earth, not Planet of Giants. Also I'm pretty sure everyone on this website has watched that episode.

  • Reply to: First Doctor Profile   5 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Kalinysta

    "His attachment to Susan means he is upset when she leaves and he comes to regard his new companion Vicki as a surrogate Susan. "
    He wasn't upset when Susan left. If you watched the episodeThe Planet of the Giants, the Doctor basically locks Susan out of the TARDIS with the lame "excuse" that she belongs with David. She didn't want to leave at all and was devastated when he did that. He was mean, cruel and nasty to her all through the first series. Then he goes and picks up Vicki and treats her better than he did is own granddaughter! Frankly, if I was there I'd smack the Doctor so hard, he'd fly through Time and Space without needed a TARDIS.

  • Reply to: The Janus Conjunction   5 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Anonymous

    add some info the rubbish science

  • Reply to: The Janus Conjunction   5 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Anonymous


  • Reply to: No Future   6 months 19 hours ago
    Author: Rabukurafuto

    Paul Cornell crashes Doctor Who into the punk movement (something the programme never approached in a meaningful way), views the UNIT years through a delightfully paranoid lense, a mini Land of Fiction in the form of the Mediasphere, and brings back not one, not two but three returning enemies that were pretty rubbish. No Future is one busy novel, but it's all good fun, except for Ace whose antagonism with Bernice is really grating on me now.

  • Reply to: Grimm Reality   6 months 1 week ago
    Author: Lee Gannon

    The sisters seem to named after the Jacksons: Michaela, Latoya, Germaine and Janet. The Doctor mentions a frog with a broken leg and then says was it in a car accident which could be a reference to the game Frogger.

  • Reply to: Big Bang Generation   6 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: Andy Campbell

    Why no mention of all the Duran Duran references?

  • Reply to: The Nightmare Fair   7 months 4 days ago
    Author: Rabukurafuto

    Filling the odd absence in '80s Doctor Who of a video game-centred plot, The Nightmare Fair has quite a few good ideas, but the inclusion of the Toymaker, who hasn't been on the programme since 1966, is a puzzling one and could have early been replaced with a new antagonist. At least Williams recognized The Celestial Toymaker hadn't gone nearly far enough with the deadly games idea and pushed them in a more engaging direction. It's also fun to see him knock the yellow peril stereotypes and how Mandarin robes don't belong on Gough.

  • Reply to: Conundrum   7 months 4 days ago
    Author: Rabukurafuto

    Lyons tries to push the ideas of The Mind Robbers further than before to fair results. This is some really clever writing with a few fantastic moments like the Scrabble conversation, but the tensions of the TARDIS gang begin to really feel forced after a while and I didn't need an explanation for the Land of Fiction.

  • Reply to: Invasion of the Cat-People   8 months 1 week ago
    Author: DavidGB

    In Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973-4) there was a regular character Lieutenant M'Ress, who was the Enterprise's relief communications officer (so sometimes replacing Uhura). M'Ress was a female Caitian - a felinoid race in the Federation. While no other details of the race were given on screen, expanded information appeared in official publications, starting in 1974, that the Caitians came from the planet Cait which is in the Lynx Constellation (later further specified as 15 Lyncis).

    Therefore, looking at your Continuity 6th paragraph, the one on Cat People, while you identify the sources of several of the other Cat People races in the Roots section above, you have missed that the felinoids of Cait and the Lynx constellation are lifted as directly from Star Trek as others come from Flash Gordon and Larry Niven.

  • Reply to: System Shock   8 months 1 week ago
    Author: DavidGB

    Under continuity you say:

    "COBRA is the Commons Office Briefing Room something or other, who decide things such as raids on hostage situations."

    COBRA is the actual, real world (not made up for the book) UK emergency response committee that is convened in cases of national emergency such as terrorist attacks, threats to the UK, public health emergencies, natural disasters etc. The membership is not fixed and depends on who is relevant to the particular situation that called for it being convened, but would involve government ministers, senior civil servants, emergency services representatives, and security service and military representatives if appropriate. It is often (but not always) chaired by the Prime Minister.

    Whilst the name sounds vaguely cool and tough when it is announced that the PM has convened the COBRA committee (which always means there is some kind of emergency with national repercussions), it is actually just a straightforward acronym for the room in which this emergency committee meets in the Cabinet Office building in Whitehall - Cabinet Office Briefing Room A ... COBRA.

  • Reply to: Happy Endings   8 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: Grafty

    I think the only book that is truly unrepresented is Time's Crucible. As to the other "Nobody" entries above...

    Apocalypse: Raphael is mentioned near the end.
    Warhead: Vincent and Justine get in touch with Lord Tasham and help him clean up his act.
    Lucifer Rising: Legion is mentioned by Spandrell at the start.
    Parasite: The Artefact is mentioned as well, see above.
    Sanctuary: Guy is more than *mentioned*, although he's not actually in it himself...
    Zamper: Kadiatu mentions the Zamps, somebody else mentions Zamper re spaceship design.
    SLEEPY: Apparently Cinnabar and Byerley's wedding is mentioned.

    Also it's Hamlet Macbeth, not Hamish - but I get the damn thing confused as well.

  • Reply to: Dying in the Sun   9 months 1 week ago
    Author: Pedant

    He was in America in the Gunfighters after Salvation.

  • Reply to: The Runaway Bride   9 months 1 week ago
    Author: Bea

    • It's somewhat convenient that the pilot fish just happen to be in the area where the Doctor and Donna are hunting for a taxi.

    The Doctor hadn’t given Donna the bio-damper yet – the pilot fish probably just tracked the Huon energy.

    • How does Donna know that her holiday in Spain coincided with the Battle of Canary Wharf the Doctor's talking about?

    People were talking about it when she got home, and it was probably on the news?

    • If Huon particles need something living to catalyse inside, why risk using a human subject who could potentially walk out on you, when you could just use caged animals?

    I don’t really have an answer to this other than perhaps it needed something unique to human biology.

    • It's a bit of a co-incidence that Torchwood drilled a hole to the centre of the Earth right next to the lab where they were making Huon particles.

    I got the impression that the lab was built there because the hole was there…

    • The Doctor says that he's going further back than he's ever been before. So he's clearly forgotten his trips to the early years of the universe/galaxy in The Edge of Destruction and Castrovalva, seeing the origin of the universe (as mentioned in Destiny of the Daleks), and the origin of the Earth in the Exploration Earthradio show, and probably a few more trips that I've temporarily forgotten. [He's referring to his current incarnation.]

    As you’re pointed out, The Doctor could just have been referring to his current incarnation.

    • The formation of the Earth seems to happen too fast to be realistic. [The TARDIS is speeding up time for its occupants relative to the outside, to give them a better view.]

    Again, you’ve already pointed out that the TARDIS could have been speeding up their viewing of the outside events.

    • If the "pilot fish" are such good shots that there's no chance of them hitting the bride, as the Empress says, then why do so many of their shots completely miss the TARDIS?

    TARDIS force-field/perception-filter guided them away.

    • Why are the Army, rather than the RAF, attacking the Racnoss ship? Surely the air force would be faster, and be better equipped for the task. Also, if the other Racnoss ship is capable of withstanding the pressures at the centre of the Earth for 4.6 billion years, why is the Empress's ship destroyed so easily? [There's a comment about the Empress's Huon energy being depleted, but why would that affect the strength of her ship's hull?] And is it really flying low enough to be within range of the tanks?

    Good point about the RAF. Don’t know. Maybe it was designed for the higher temperatures and high pressure – perhaps cooler temperature above the surface and a change in air pressure destabilised the defence systems slightly – say maybe on an atomic level – just enough to present an Achilles’ Heel?

    • In [TV]The Underwater Menace[/TV}, Professor Zaroff's plan to drain the oceans into the Earth's core would have heated the water enough to destroy the Earth. Even if we can assume that he would have drained a lot more water, surely there should have been a similar effect with this hole. And it's quite lucky that the hole missed the pockets of Stahlman's gas and of lava we saw in Inferno, though we can probably assume that there are areas of the planet which contain neither.

    Less water involved, and also maybe Torchwood had precautions in place to prevent lava or gas leakage that a normal business wouldn't have had access to.

    • Donna claims that she became a widow during this story, but she never actually married Lance.

    Given the day that Donna had had, I think we can probably forgive her a slight inaccuracy in throwaway comment. And she’d been emotionally invested enough in the relationship that the grief was probably comparable.

  • Reply to: Christmas on a Rational Planet   11 months 1 week ago
    Author: whoniverse

    I guess it was inevitable that we'd miss some of those references, thanks for filling in some of the blanks. They're now added in.

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