Death Riders

Roots: There are references to Thomas the Tank Engine, Sherlock Holmes, “When the Saints Go Marching In”, “Jerusalem”, and “Land of Hope and Glory”.

Dialogue Triumphs: “Oh come on, you can’t ask us to believe that someone could put themselves into a coma at will so their body can recover from some trauma.”

Continuity: The Drexxons are ape-like carnivores with yellow eyes and retractable claws. The adults are almost five metres tall; the juvenile one seen here is a metre tall. They are incredibly long-lived. They are intelligent, the juvenile controlling Garvo with a neuronic control system. The Drexxons rampaged through the sector of space that includes the Torajii System over a thousand years earlier, attacking planet after planet, killing and destroying. The Combined Stellar Forces led by General Petroval managed to defeat and round them up after a ten year battle and trap them in a Perpetuity Chamber, which is a prison in which time inside is stopped. The Chamber was sealed with a musical key and placed in a vault hidden inside the asteroid that the human colonists named Stanalan. Petroval, a humanoid over seven hundred years old, has stayed on the asteroid to protect the Chamber since it was hidden there. He adopted the alias Perpetual Pete.

Stanalan is a mining asteroid rich in trisilicate and duralinium (Colony in Space). IMC (Colony in Space, Lucifer Rising) owns it. Fluripsent crystals emit a radiant light and are used to illuminate mining tunnels.

The Doctor buys candyfloss and a toffee apple. He has some local currency. He, Amy and Rory have tea and cake at the fair. The Doctor can juggle, but claims he can’t play a musical instrument other than the spoons.

Rory used to have a train set.

There are asteroids in the Mangall System. The Doctor mentions Backwards Bananas and vomit fruit.

Links: There are references to trisilicate and the Doctor sings his Venusian Lullaby (The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon).

Location: Stanalan, in the Torajii System, the thirty-third century.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor alludes to an unfortunate incident involving the Queen Mother and vomit fruit.

The Bottom Line: Richards by the numbers with flat characterisation and one-dimensional monsters, but it’s a fast-paced adrenalin ride with some quite witty moments – the kids should enjoy it.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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