The Good, the Bad, and the Alien

Roots: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. There are references to Jesse James, Deputy Dawg, the Forty-Niners, First Contact, Star Trek, and High Noon. The Doctor quotes Blade Runner.

Dialogue Triumphs: “Resistance is ill-advised. You have triggered a security alert. Unauthorised access is prohibited. Your personal safety and long-term health cannot be guaranteed by this unit if you continue your behaviour.”

Continuity: Cemars are humanoid and resemble meerkats. They smell like rabbit cages. They use security robots on board their ships. They measure time in Rogs, one of which is approximately fifteen seconds.

A Jerinthioan is a very rare type of psychic vampire that feeds on the alpha brainwaves of higher life forms. Its physical form is a jewel. It can possess humans, but dies when it tries to possess the Doctor and overfeeds.

The Doctor is supposedly 907 years old. He carries a yo-yo and a wind-up torch. He has encountered Cemars before. He gets knocked out four times in one day here.

Rory loves Westerns. He dislikes horse-riding, but he and Amy end up doing so anyway. He dons cowboy boots, a checked shirt, a poncho, and a cowboy hat. He and Amy pose as Pinkertons and are deputised by Sheriff Carter. They get to keep their badges at the end. When Rory was young, his family had a big black dog named Kramer. Rory used to play with a model train set as a boy. Rovik bites his nose.

Amy wears a blue checked shirt with a matching handkerchief around her neck, a brown leather skirt, tasselled waistcoat and cowboy boots.

Links: The Doctor dodges Rory’s questions about the Mary Celeste (The Chase). Rory recalls meeting the Doctor for the first time and people in comas behaving oddly (The Eleventh Hour). There is a reference to Daleks.

Location: Mason City, Nevada, April 1861.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor gave Rory his psychic paper on Space Station Apple Sixteen. He takes the Cemars back to their home planet at the end.

The Bottom Line: A rollicking adventure with some great aliens. Rory, refreshingly, almost gets a more prominent roll than Amy, the Doctor taking him to the Wild West as a treat.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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