Horror of Glam Rock

Roots: The Mighty Boosh episode 'The Priest and the Beast' (the means of defeating the aliens). Sapphire and Steel 'Adventure Six'. There are references to Bowie, Bolan, Eno, Hendrix, Lulu, the Wombles, The Tomorrow People, Top of the Pops, and Led Zeppelin ("Here we are... Stairway to Heaven!").

Goofs: Why do the aliens' corporeal forms vanish when the Doctor traps their wraithlike forms in the MP3 player? (The scripted explanation - "without control they're nothing"- isn't very convincing).

Dialogue Triumphs: "The tea in these places is never quite right anyway. It's like having a mouthful of copper coins."

Arnold Korns to the Doctor: "I thought you'd understand, being in showbiz... y'know, the costume, the wig."

Korns on roadie Ron: "He's been torn apart! Just like my Bentley, only less expensive to replace."

Continuity: The "Only Ones" are so-named because they've told Tommy Tomorrow that they are the only other life forms in the galaxy. Their corporeal forms are huge, fanged, bear-like creatures, with tails and scales; they appear to the Doctor in their wraithlike form, which can travel along a wave of sound. They know of the Doctor by reputation. They are interested in Earth because they want to eat humans, specifically Tommy's young fans. The Doctor traps them in a soundwave on Lucie's MP3 player.

1974 is as close to Lucie's own time as the Doctor can currently get (see Blood of the Daleks). The Doctor claims that he has always wanted a stylophone.

Lucie carries ibuprofen and an MP3 player. The TARDIS passing through a time eddy makes her travel sick. Patricia Rider is Lucie's Auntie Pat and former member of the band Methylated Spirits, which disbanded after Arnold Korns refused to give them a record deal on the grounds that they were "awful". Lucie's mother is her sister Mary, who has blonde hair. Patricia never had any children.

Links: Blood of the Daleks.

Location: Nadir services, just outside Bramlington, 1974.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor once nearly joined the Martian Chapter of the Hell's Angels.

The Bottom Line: "A proper, old style motorway service station! Oh, you're going to love this Lucie!" Good fun, although the relationship between the Doctor and Lucie does rather clash with that established in Blood of the Daleks. Bernard Cribbens nearly steals the show. The glam rock version of the theme tune is fantastic.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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