The Graves of Mordane

Roots: Zombie movies. There is a reference to Disney World.

Continuity: Mordane is the first planet of the Gandii Prime system. Gandii Prime is a class three red star. It is approximately sixteen billion years old and is two thousand, six hundred and seventy-eight kilometres in diameter. Mordane has ten hour days, with eight hours of night and two hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter. It has been used as a cemetery world by the inhabitants of a thousand space-faring worlds for centuries. It has three continents, each divided into sectors: one sector is given over to human[oid] remains. The entire planet is covered in cemeteries and catacombs. It has been declared off-limits for eight decades, since the Darksmiths unsuccessfully tested the Eternity Device, causing animated corpses to wander the planet’s surface every night. The Galactic Union placed a Grade Two Exclusion Order on the planet to declare it off limits. The Doctor cancels the signal from the Darksmith’s machine, which is still animating the dead, reducing the zombies to dust.

The Time Lords always stayed clear of Karagula, one of the few places that frightens the Doctor.

The Folflower System is a collection of five planets. Until a recent bloodless coup, it was ruled by a benevolent monarchy. After the coup, the late King’s son and family were sent into exile. Catz is the King’s granddaughter and hopes to return the monarchy to the Folflower System, since the Republic has become corrupt and disorganised. The late King was buried on Mordane, along with the torc that symbolised his right to rule.

The Eternity Crystal is the centrepiece of a device created by the Darksmiths and designed to create life. Brother Varlos was the principle artisan. The Darksmiths are artisans, who can shape matter and space and make things on contract. Varlos took the Crystal and fled the Collective, leaving the machine incomplete and uncontrollable, and the contract unfulfilled.

Links: The Dust of Ages. The ending leads straight into The Colour of Darkness.

Location: The Moon, Mordane, and Karagula, the early twenty-first century.

Future History: Humans from the Colony worlds of Folflower, Mayside, Riverville, Wystojne and Humberville are buried on Mordane. A Princess from Peladon (The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon, Legacy, The Bride of Peladon, The Prisoner of Peladon is buried on Mordane [so the scenes on Mordane must be set around the time of the Federation, confirming that the Darksmiths must be able to travel in time].

The Bottom Line: More pieces of the larger narrative fall into place, although the Folflower subplot is a bit forgettable and the zombie clichés utterly derivative. Brake makes great use of the Agent, however.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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