The Game of Death

Roots: The Doctor quotes from High School Musical.

Continuity: The Silver Devastation is an area of deep space where two galaxies collided over a hundred billion years ago. It contains nothing except dead suns and dark matter. From a distance it resembles a silver sea hanging in space. It is the subject of various myths and legends, including that it is populated by the mutant survivors of the two galaxies, refugees from the Old Time caught in eternal conflict, and that it contains blood-sucking monsters from another universe. The Face of Boe was reputed to be from the Silver Devastation (see The End of the World, The Long Game, New Earth, Gridlock). According to legend, a child was found naked on the “coast” (the edge) of the Silver Devastation with only a pocket watch (see Utopia).

Nocturns are vicious, merciless predators. They have vestigial wings that have evolved into a pliable outer shell that exactly mimics the life form they are hunting. They are extremely sensitive to light. They paralyse their prey and then drain them of blood. They have multiple legs. Their head is on a long, articulated stalk and has numerous red eyes and a curving jaw filled with serrated fangs. It has proboscis that emerges from its mouth.

The Doctor uses an energy projector to destroy the Agent. He has heard of Horatio Hamilton. He orders a glass of water. He wears his dinner suit again (The Lazarus Experiment). He has a bicycle torch in his pocket.

Gisella dons a long evening dress from the TARDIS wardrobe.

Planets mentioned here include Altair 59 and Sigmus Gamma IV. General Augustus Korch fought in the last Dalek War and was instrumental in securing the release of the infamous Aurora hostages. Karl Zalenby works for the Galactic Police, as do the Judoon (Smith and Jones). One of the ships seen here is a Silenus cruiser.

The Darksmiths recently met their clients on the planet Ursulonamex, also known as Oblivion.

Links: The Vampire of Paris, The Planet of Oblivion. The Doctor mentions the forests of Cheem (The End of the World).

Location: Devastation Hall on an asteroid in the Silver Devastation.

The Bottom Line: A typical Baxendale runaround, with a dash of horror and some vicious monsters. Despite the final destruction of the Agent, it’s largely filler, adding little to the overall story arc.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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