The Art of War

Goofs: Slitheen is used as a species name, when it should be Raxacoricofallapatorian.

Continuity: The Krashoks travel the universe searching for the most ferocious predators and the best fighters and taking parts from them to add to their own armoury. They take body parts and stitch them into their own bodies. They are basically humanoid before augmenting themselves. The Krashoks seen here have, variously, the huge clawed paws of a Renevian tiger, the arms of a Slitheen, and the thin, spine-encrusted legs of a Gappa. Skraar has the lungs of a Birastrop (The Brain of Morbius, Original Sin). They all have a hard ruff of bony scales fanning out from behind their necks, the rough plates dotted with trophies and insignia of rank; the more senior the Krashok, the more highly decorated the ruff. Their medals are clamped on during a ceremony known as the Branding of the Brave. Krashoks disgraced in battle have their insignia removed by laser. Weapons that they have appropriated include Dalek blasters, Cybermen guns, Rinteppi bazookas, Magnatarri pulse rifles and Ice Warrior sonic guns. Their ship has a captured Dalek emergency temporal drive. Krashok ranks include Commander, Sergeant-at-Arms, Squad Leader, Pilot and Trooper. The highest honour that the Krashok can receive is “The Order of Trekanaa”, named after the Krashok Commander who instigated the Millennium War and made the Krashok nation rich. The Krashoks develop weapons, then start wars and sell the weapons to both sides.

The Darksmiths were unable to reprogram Gisella because she is alive; she has been pretending to help them in order to switch the Eternity Crystal for the fake.

Grelt kills Drakon here.

The Doctor poses as Special Envoy from the King.

Links: The Pictures of Emptiness, The End of Time. The Doctor mentions the events of The Game of Death and the Dravidian Hive (The Planet of Oblivion). Grelt mentions Carrionites (The Shakespeare Code).

Location: London, the twenty-first century; near London, in November, during the Middle Ages.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor once met the Krashoks before, a long time ago and a long way from Earth.

The Bottom Line: Rather good fun, mainly because the Krashoks make great monsters. Tucker is a variable writer, but he’s in his element here.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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