The Many Hands

Roots: Dawn of the Dead, The Beast With Five Fingers.

There are references to Heat magazine, Benjamin Franklin, Travel Scrabble, Paula Radcliffe, Dad’s Army, Thomas Randolph, Hamlet, Rabbie Burns, Stephen Hawking, Genghis Khan, Androcles, Lazarus, Dionysus, Frankenstein, Michelangelo, and Dolly the Sheep.

Continuity: The hands are parts of a composite being named Onk Ndell Kith; their current appearance is modelled on Alexander Monro’s hand after he picked one up, in its original rock-like form. The reassembled Kith is electrocuted by lightning.

The Doctor adopts a Scots accent (see Tooth and Claw). He claims to be Baronet Jones of Nova Scotia; he actually is a Baronet, of Bathgate. He carries a balloon in his pocket. The sonic screwdriver doesn’t automatically scan for static electricity. He promises to take Martha to see Measure for Measure.

The TARDIS’s Laika Protocol displays a holographic recording of the Doctor that was recorded when Rose was travelling with him.

Links: here is a reference to Slitheen (Aliens of London/World War III, Boom Town, The Monsters Inside, Revenge of the Slitheen, The Lost Boy). The Doctor mentions Gelth (The Unquiet Dead). He notes that he knew a man who fought at Culloden (The Highlanders). Martha muses that crabs bring back mixed emotions (Gridlock).

Location: Edinburgh, 1771, 1773, 1759, and 1997.

Future History: Tinfoil clothing and heavy eye make-up are fashionable during the twenty-fifth century.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor took Martha to a bar on Io where all the staff members were dolphins.

The Bottom Line: A rip-roaring horror story that trips merrily along on pure adrenalin. Smith’s characterisation of the regulars is superb, and McAllister, a man who clearly distrusts the Doctor, makes for an interesting supporting character.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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