Judgement of the Judoon

Roots: Film noir. There are references to Fireman Sam, Hercule Poirot, and Police Five.

Continuity: The Judoon raid the Tintin and Terminal 13 whilst in pursuit of the Invisible Assassin, a tailored DNA virus targeted to the specific DNA of its victim. Their Commander is called Rok Ma.

The Doctor uses the psychic paper to persuade a security man that he and Nikki are inspectors from the health and safety department.

The TARDIS picks up the Tintin’s SOS. The TARDIS either no longer has a swimming pool, or has one much smaller than it once had (see The Invasion of Time, Paradise Towers).

Deselup is a blue-skinned humanoid.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End. The Judoon previously appeared in Smith and Jones and Revenge of the Judoon. There are Draconians present in Terminal 13 (Frontier in Space). Kronkburgers are mentioned again (The Iron Legion, The Long Game, The Resurrection Casket). He recalls encountering Yeti and “blokes worshipping old books and fighting over water” in abandoned underground stations (The Web of Fear, The Mysterious Planet). There are references to Sontarans, Cybermen, Daleks, the Khellian Horde (Three’s a Crowd), and the Hath (The Doctor’s Daughter). The Doctor mentions Agatha Christie (The Unicorn and the Wasp).

Location: The Space Freighter Tintin, in Quadrant Delta Three Black, and Elvis the King Spaceport, New Memphis, 2487.

Future History: Elvis the King Spaceport is a massive hub of intergalactic travel and is built on a previously uninhabited barren planetoid. It started out as a small refuelling base and grew over time, the sprawling city state of New Memphis growing around it. Construction work on the new Terminal 13 began in 2479. The spaceport and city-state are built on a small island. Ninety-eight percent of the planet’s surface is undeveloped. The planet’s climate is almost permanently wet, possibly due to the massive pollution caused by the ships using the spaceport. The Telepath Uprising took place in 2454. New Memphis is listed in the top ten places to do anything to avoid visiting in 1001 Galactic Destinations to Die Before You See.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor claims that Baden-Powell taught him how to tie knots.

The Bottom Line: Entertaining enough, although the various villains are quite forgettable. Rok Ma and Nikki make great surrogate companions, and whilst one twist is enormously predictable, there’s also one that isn’t.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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