The Krillitane Storm

Roots: There are references to Blue Peter, Alan Titchmarsh, Natasha Kaplinsky, Only Fools and Horses (Delboy), Charles Darwin, The X-Files (“Mulder’s Law”), and One Man and His Dog.

Continuity: Lozla Nataniel Henk is a humanoid alien.

The Krillitane Brood seen here are fugitives who fled their homeworld. They are winged Krillitanes who conquered the Bessan; their Brood Mother Toch’Lu challenged the Esteemed Father, who rules the Krillitanes, arguing that the Krillitanes should embrace their genetic heritage and become gods. They were forced to flee and became fugitives, travelling to a region of the galaxy where their species was unknown and settling on a densely populated planet in the Omarra sector. One of their young fell ill, and would normally have been excluded from the brood. Due to their limited numbers, they sought the help of Velurian scientist Belima Febron who enslaved them with the aid of her business partner Henk. Febron is “milking” them for their oil, from which she is purifying the enzyme that allows them to absorb the characteristics of other species. Henk plans to sell it.

Despite their intelligence, the Krillitanes still have the mentality of pack animals, governed by their primal urge to hunt. Aside from Toch’Lu’s brood, the Krillitanes are currently wingless and muscular. Myina the Orator, who is one of Toch’Lu’s fugitive brood, was on the Council until his brood was forced to flee. Nakedness is the Krillitane way. The Esteemed Father is Guardian of the Faith; the Krillitanes believe in a pantheon of ancient gods. After Toch’Lu kills the Esteemed Father, Myina returns home with his Brood to set the Krillitanes on a new path with the aid of his allies at the court [he succeeds, resulting in the winged future for the Krillitane species as seen in School Reunion].

Aliens who travel to Earth for Henk’s sale include Octulans, Calabrians, Vrelt, the X Imperative, and Siilutrax. Calabrians are humanoid, but with a ridge of cartilage along the bridge of their noses and at the base of their foreheads. The Siilutrax are tall grey aliens. Octulans are pink and fleshy. They use tentacled robotic travelpods here, since Earth’s atmosphere is too dense for them to survive. As a species, they delight in physical contact.

The Doctor again uses the alias John Smith. He uses the psychic paper to convince a soldier that he is on official business for King John. He dons a soldier’s chain mail, jerkin and helmet to infiltrate the castle. He later gains entry to the cathedral by claiming to be carrying out an audit of ecclesiastical accoutrements in the local environs. He eats some bread in the castle. He has a leather-bound notebook and still has Marie Antoinette’s French picklock (Pyramids of Mars). He recognises Siilutrax on sight. He carries a test tube with a rubber stopper in his jacket pocket.

Emily mentions Buntocks, which apparently form herds. Emily is of Ertrari origin and is humanoid. Emily’s gun is a Lokklar-Ri J77 Special Assault sniper rifle. Henk has been saving a bottle of Grokk with which to celebrate his victory.

Velurians are blue-skinned humanoids. There are retirement asteroids in the Bournemouth Cluster.

Links: School Reunion. The Doctor mentions the Ood-Sphere (Planet of the Ood) and Clom (Love & Monsters, The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End). Henk mentions Pescatons (Doctor Who and the Pescatons).

Location: Worcester, 1139.

The Bottom Line:She’s bottled evolution.” Astonishingly good: The Krillitane Storm sees Llewellyn building on the basics provided in School Reunion to make the titular monsters one of the best realised alien species we’ve seen in the novels in quite some time. Emily makes a great surrogate companion, but the villainous Henk almost steals the show and is deserving of a rematch.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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