Revenge of the Judoon

Roots: There are references to The Times, Wells’ The War of the Worlds, the Wright Brothers, Bleriot, Google Earth, Lawrence of Arabia, Carry on Up the Khyber, Spamalot, The Strand Magazine, Vesta Tilley, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon.

Dialogue Disasters: “Your Majesty, it will give me great pleasure to explain my Master Plan.”

Continuity: The Peacemakers are reptilian shapeshifters who wish to conquer Earth using Temporal Reversion devices, which they have hidden in all the major cities of Asia, Europe and Africa. They trick the Judoon into helping them by forging a scroll with the seal of the Galactic Council [of the Shadow Proclamation – see The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End] that states that Earth is a hopelessly warlike planet and has been given over to the care of the Cosmic Peacemakers. The Doctor guesses that Challoner stole his Temporal Reversion Generator.

The Judoon require a plasma beacon inside the target to move a building as large as Balmoral Castle. They leave Earth as soon as the Doctor proves that their presence is illegal. The Doctor guesses that they’ll be banned from setting foot on Earth again, only its colonies and satellites (Smith and Jones): the Judoon Captain gives the Doctor his word that no Judoon will ever set foot on the planet again.

According to the Doctor, even the Time Lords never dabbled with Temporal Reversion Technology, since if it goes wrong it can warp the fabric of space and could destroy the universe.

The Doctor again uses the alias Doctor John Smith. He meets Baden-Powell and Edward VII here. He carries an ancient penknife.

Martha dons along skirt, high-button boots, tweed jacket and high-necked white blouse from the TARDIS wardrobe for Scotland in 1902. She later borrows some denim overalls off Carruthers. She doesn’t approve of blood sports. She has steak and chips with Carruthers. She drinks tonic water.

Links: Smith and Jones. The Doctor recalls meeting Conan Doyle (Evolution) and Queen Victoria (Tooth and Claw). He mentions the Daleks, Schlangi (The Ribos Operation) and Ogrons.

Location: Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and the Empty Quarter, Arabia, 1902.

Future History: Following Elizabeth II, we get King Charles the Third and Queen Camilla, followed by King William the Fifth.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has met Henry VIII, James I, and Alfred the Great. He has friends on the Galactic Council. At the end of the novel, he and Martha set off to visit Earth’s capital cities, including Rome, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and Beijing, to deal with Challoner’s abandoned Temporal Reversion devices.

The Bottom Line: Virtually plotless, with dull villains, pointless cameos from badly characterised historical figures… yep, it’s another Terrance Dicks novel.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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