Code of the Krillitanes

Roots: There are references to Einstein and JMW Turner.

Dialogue Triumphs: “I don’t think you can really call the internet “normal”’.

Continuity: The Krillitanes are using Brainy Crisps, fried in Krillitane oil, to make humans more intelligent: they use their brain power in conjunction with the processing power of the internet to design a new genetic form for the Krillitanes. Due to Henry programming the new “Super-Krillitanes” with data from a website on etiquette, they are polite and friendly. They are three metres tall with deep red skin and have rounder faces than their Krillitane brethren. They are killed during a fight to the death with the existing Krillitanes.

In order to infiltrate the Brainy Crisps organisation, the Doctor adopts the alias of Doctor John Smith – Strategy and Workflow Manager.

The TARDIS links to the local networks, such as the internet, whenever it lands, and checks local news and weather.

Links: School Reunion. In a nod to the Fourth Doctor, the Doctor glances longingly at some jelly babies.

Location: London, 2010.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor’s trainers are still muddy from the jungles of Coco-Notix Five.

The Bottom Line: Tremendous fun, and great use of the Krillitanes. One of Richards’ finest.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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