A History of the Whoniverse

The Two Thousands (2000-2009)


Dorothée makes friends with a dancer in London, who discovers that she has a time-travelling bike. This friend asks her about going to see the 1913 performance of Le Sacre du Printeps ballet.

[Ace mentions this in Lungbarrow (pages 223-224 / Chapter 25 page 4).]


New York police trainee Tessa Mancuso refuses to use a new gun despite a direct order. Her sergeant demonstrates the weapon herself, and ends up collecting a fifty percent disability pension.

[Nine years before Cat's Cradle: Warhead page 200.]


The Hourly Tele-press [began] to keep humanity informed about current affairs. One of its most popular features was The Karkus cartoon strip.

[This is mentioned by Zoe in The Mind Robber episode 4. This may well have been an Internet newspaper. Its format is never mentioned.]


[Internet news services] offered personally sifted news from the [Internet and other] media. TV services offered the option of news broadcasts interrupting whatever else you were watching.

[Cat's Cradle: Warhead and System Shock. The latter technology may be similar to those car radios where local travel news interrupts whatever you're listening to.]



Sarah Jane Smith writes a short, fanciful, piece on the Doctor's companions to break her writer's block for the anniversary edition of Columbine magazine.

[Sarah is writing for the anniverary issue of Columbine magazine, setting this a year or more after the Columbine massacre in April 1999. However, the absence of Samantha Jones from the featured companions suggests that it is before Interference.]



A number of people saw lights in the sky on the night that a grocery store was unexpectedly demolished.

[Ace says it's 2000 on page 223, but some of the schoolkids' slang seems rather too early for that.]


[Soon after this, Kirsty is taken to a doctor connected to UNIT. He is able to help do something about her mother's Munchausen by proxy.]

[This is conjecture. At the end of the story, Kirsty's mum has spoken to someone who sounds very like a high-up UNIT person. It seems quite likely that the Doctor asked UNIT to do something to help Kirsty.]



The Cybermen release a computer virus that destroys vowels.

[The year is stated on page 348.]


12th August 2000

Russian submarine, the Kursk, sinks.

[This is mentioned, but not dated, by Razul on page 84 of The Deviant Strain, where it is mentioned that Razul's cousin was onboard.]


Rose Tyler and her friend Shareen Costello go on a school trip to France but skipped visiting the Louvre and sneaked into Parc Asterix.

[When she was 13, according to the 2005 Doctor Who Annual's character guide to Rose by Russell T Davies.]

c. 2000


The town of Excelis on the planet Artaris had become an empire - ruled by an Imperial family, and competing with Galal and Kalan. They had developed steam technology, dirigible flight, and newspapers. There were even manned trips to redbrick moon - by cannon fired from the top of Mount Excelis. Lord Grayvorn was believed to be a non-existent mythical figure, the truth known only to those with access to the black room of the imperial archives. One night thieves broke into the Excelis Museum, aided by a member of museum staff. Both thieves died, having been hired by Reeve Maupassant to steal the legendary relic. However, Maupassant was apparently killed when he opened the relic.

[There are several references to say that this story happens a thousand years after Excelis Dawns]

21st Century

As the 21st century began, Earth was in a sorry state. The environmental damage of the last few centuries had begun to take its toll on the Earth. During the first decade of the century, this showed in many ways. Weather patterns became much less stable. Global warming caused rising sea levels. Holland and Venice were among the areas submerged over the course of the century. The climate of Kent became warm enough to plant vineyards. Low-lying ozone and nitrogen dioxide often forced people to wear facemasks in London and New York. The Antarctic icecaps continued to break up, whilst marine ecosystems were under severe threat from pollution [and overfishing]. Water shortages were increasingly common and even London and Toronto used standpipes and water rationing. Ozone holes made sunbathing perilous and caused severe damage in the US State of Oregon. The Plague, a collection of fatal diseases such as HIV 7 [a particularly dangerous strain of AIDS] and other diseases took hold. [These were presumably caused by pollution, genetically modified foods, and suchlike.] Britain was subject to acid rain and greater air turbulence made air travel more dangerous.

Despite this devastation, Westerners were reluctant to cut back their material standard of living to prevent it. Gridlock was the norm in cities and motorbikes replaced London's traditional black cabs. In New York, taxi drivers were heavily armed, and offered in-car entertainment such as bars and television to keep passengers occupied during gridlock. Car owners took to working on laptops in traffic jams. Earth's population was rapidly approaching 8 billion [and Earth was on the brink of not producing enough food to be able to feed everyone].

[The catalogue of environmental devastation and the continuation of environmentally damaging practices mostly come from Cat's Cradle: Warhead and Iceberg. The sinking of Holland is from St. Anthony's Fire. That of Venice is from The Empire of Glass. Although this last event is not dated, it happened centuries before Steven's or Vicki's time, so I have placed it here, where it fits nicely.]

21st Century

Accompanying this environmental chaos was an increase in the breakdown of Western society. All sorts of terrorist groups sprang up. Out of the environmental movement came groups such as Earth for Earth. Separatist movements sprang up everywhere, as did nationalists and anarchists. The initials IFA, PPO, and TCWC became synonymous with violence. In both the UK and the US, the upcoming youth culture spawned groups such as the Gameboys, the Witchkids, and the Crows. These groups were addicted to computer games and smashed up machinery. The Witchkids' fire-bombing of a McDonald's on the M2 and their ritual sacrifice of the customers became a watchword for the new millennium. Rioting or civil war became the norm worldwide. In the US right-wingers seized control and ended immigration, [even for obviously genuine asylum seekers] and restricted movement of the unemployed. The Connors amendment enabled martial law and the death penalty. Heavily armed private police confined the underclass in slums.

Military technology also advanced. Vickers developed a helmet that could fire any compatible gun by the action of blinking. The sheer number of accidental deaths caused by the system led to it being banned by military organisations worldwide. However, it continued being a best-seller in the private sector.

Popular culture reflected this breakdown of society. In Britain, SlapRap became the teenage music. The Kinki Gerlinki revival led to outrageous and obscene clothing fashions. The sitcom Naked Decay topped the TV charts. Mike Brack's Masks of Decay exhibition featured wax lumps hacked into caricatures of major celebrities. On Pentonville Road, London, the SaferSex emporiums featured teledonic suits. American children watched the pumpkin faced killer Jack Blood and collected Cthulu Gate comics and VR game modules. American teenagers became Oi Boys, skinheads patterned after the [right wing] fashions of Eastern Europe.

[These social details come from Cat's Cradle: Warhead and Iceberg.]

Early 21st Century

During the early years of this century, there was a Neo-Gothic revival.

[Strange England.]

c. 2001


Barbara Chesterton learns that she has cancer at the same time as Dr Frank Ellis, a former colleague of her husband Ian, dies in hospital of a strange type of dermoid cyst.

[Ian says that he is about as old as the Doctor was on page 109, obviously referring to the first Doctor's apparent age of about 65.]



A lone gunman shoots the Queen in Sheffield, yet she survives without a scratch. UNIT forces, led by Brigadier Bambera, are subsequently involved in an assault on Buckingham Palace. Bambera had recently given birth to twins.

[It's 2001 (page 149), some time before December 2001 (page 201), and 953 years before Chris is born (page 150).]



Dorothée is attacked by a gendarme in Paris, after he finds her bike in an alleyway.

[It's 2001 on page 12 / Chapter 1 page 4.]


Rose Tyler starts dating Mickey Smith.

[According to the character guide to Rose by Russell T Davies in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual, which dates it as when she was 14.]


Mickey Smith's grandmother dies when she slips on the stairs.

[Rose says that this happened five years before Rise of the Cybermen, when she was still in school.]


Rose Tyler is suspended from Jericho Street Comprehensive for three days after she persuades the school choir to go on strike. In the summer she sits GCSEs getting one A, two Bs, 4 Cs, and a D in science. She plans to sit A-Levels in English, French, and Art until - in September - she falls in love with 20-year-old Jimmy Stone and moves in with him. At some point during this relationship, they went on an ill-fated camping trip to Dartmoor.

[According to the character guide by Russell T Davies in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual. The camping trip comes from Only Human page 63.]

March 2002

Sarah Jane Smith's short story A Girl's Best Friend is published in Metropolitan magazine.

[Decalog 3: Moving On (page 74).]

30th November 2002

Ace reduces the death count of an incident involving the gunman Murdoch from 5 to 3.

[This is as far as she can go forwards with Kadiatu's hoppers.]


Ruby Duvall becomes a reporter for the Sunday Seeker.

[Three years before Iceberg.]

February 2003

Rose Tyler moves out of Jimmy Stones' bedsit 800 in debt after he goes to Amsterdam in a campervan with a woman called Noosh. She gets a job at the Christmas Shop on Clifton's Parade.

[Five months after moving in with him in September, according to the character guide to Rose by Russell T Davies in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual.]

August 2003

Rose Tyler gets a job at the Henrik's Department Store thanks to a favour from one of her mum's old boyfriends, Geoff Moon.

[According to the character guide to Rose by Russell T Davies in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual, which says it was 6 months after getting her previous job.]

25th December 2003


A Graske replaces two members of a Welsh family with Graske duplicates. This replacement may have been temporary.

[The Doctor says that the 1883 scenes are about a hundred and twenty years before this sequence. I arbitrarily assume that the figure is exact.]

November 2004

Chuck Norris is elected President of the United States. One of his policies would be the economic opportunity initiative - the unemployed would be forbidden from travelling to find work.

[Interference (book 1 page 141) establishes that Bruce Springsteen is succeeded by Norris, and the beginning of Norris' economic opportunity initiative is described as coinciding with "the good years" and being "a long time ago" in Cat's Cradle: Warhead (page 26), and "years" ago on page 42. So Norris has to be in his second term in Warhead.]


Clive tracks down a picture of the (ninth) Doctor in the Washington Public Archive.

[He says that this happened "just last year" in Rose]


Scientists, who already knew that Earth's magnetic field could invert, had become seriously worried about it. New calculations had shown that such a reversal was due about this time. [Media coverage of this new threat forced] world governments [probably under the auspices of the UN] to set up the FLIPback project. This project planned to be to reverse the orientation itself, thus eliminating potentially catastrophic effects. Soon after the project was established at what used to be the Snowcap Tracking Centre in the Antarctic, the hovercraft AXV9 vanished. This incident reinforced the myth of the Torus Antarctica, an area of Antarctica that was prone to disappearances.



The Witchkids petrol-bomb a McDonald's on the M2. They then ritually sacrifice all the customers. This event is hushed up.

[Cat's Cradle: Warhead.]


Vincent Wheaton walks in on his parents whilst they are arguing and his dad has just started beating his mother. His father grabs him, and Vincent uses his power for the first time, channelling his father's emotion into telekinesis, causing his father to be injured.

[According to Cat's Cradle: Warhead pages 151-152. This was when Vincent was 10.]


People start disappearing at Wester Drumlin House - an old abandoned house in the middle of London. They are, in fact, being transported to the past by four Weeping Angels who have taken up residence. The local police retrieve and store their cars. DI Billy Shipton would be assigned to the case.

[Billy tells Sally that this has been happening for two years in Blink, and is clearly the officer in charge of the case by the time that story happens.]


Jackie Tyler nails down the cat flap in her flat's front door.

[In Rose she says that she did this "weeks back".]


A Greek woman called Arianna gets 2000 off a London Council because the man behind the counter says that she looks Greek.

[According to Rose's mum in Rose. No date is given.]

5th-6th March 2005


There is a major fire caused by an explosion in Central London Department Store Hendrik's. The next day, there is a disturbance in a Central London Pizza restaurant when a customer morphs his hands into paddles and smashes up the restaurant, even after his head has been pulled off. Later that night, the London Eye is reported to have been lit up with an electrical fire and shop dummies come to life in a number of London (and probably non-London) shops - most notably the Queen's Arcade. Elton Pope is one of the people who survives the shop dummy attacks.

[The Search-Wise website has a copyright date of 1995-2004, and Mickey's tax disc runs out in March 2005. Clive mentions that his family have been spending summer money in winter months. The Aliens of London establishes the date of Rose's disappearance. The BBC's mock-up UNIT website dates this as the 26th of March 2006. Elton was shown to be there in Love & Monsters]

June 2005

A disposable personal organiser came with the June edition of Der Speigel.

[The Doctor uses one of these free personal organisers in Transit (page 146).]

c. June 2005

Donna Noble starts working as a secretary for a double glazing firm.

[She says that this was two years before starting at HC Clements in The Runaway Bride.]



There is a fight in a Bromley nightclub at a fancy dress night. One of the participants is dressed as a caveman. Rumours say that the caveman stinks and is probably a drunk, a drug addict, and a tramp. He is taken to Southam Hospital, and is the cause of an E-Bola scare, which causes the hospital to be evacuted. Over the next month, two men called Das Dimitru and Jack Harkness rent a flat in London. Jack disappears when the month is up, but Das gets a job as a builder and gets engaged to a girl called Anna Marie O'Grady.

[The year is given on page 9.]

March 2006


A spacecraft crashes in the Thames, Central London, damaging the Westminster Clock Tower in the process. There is a national state of emergency declared, and flights are grounded in the USA. The Prime Minister is unavailable for comment, and a body is brought ashore and taken to the mortuary at Albion hospital. There are at least 3 assaults on people falsely accused of being aliens. MP Joseph Green is installed as acting Prime Minister, being the most senior MP able to get to Downing Street. He holds a press conference outside Downing Street. He claims that the greatest experts in extra-terrestrial affairs were murdered by aliens - that they have a mothership hovering above the UK which has massive weapons of destruction capable of being deployed in 45 seconds. He begs the United Nations to release the access codes to the UK's nuclear weapons so they can destroy the aliens. The UN Security Council agrees to release the codes at the same time as a missile hits Downing street, destroying the building. The only survivor is Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North. She informs the world that the crisis is over. Elton Pope is one of the people who witnesses the spaceship flying overhead.

[It is repeatedly said to have been a year since Rose, and one of Jackie's missing posters says that the date of Rose's disappearance was the 6th of March 2005. The BBC's mock-up UNIT website dates this from the 26th to 28th of March 2006. Elton's presence is seen in Love & Monsters]


One Slitheen escapes with a personal teleportation device, and materialises in a skip on the Isle of Dogs. However, some Slitheen did not come to Earth, but survived elsewhere. They were forced out of the fuel-sale business when a rival family called the Blathereen undercut them and stole their customers by being better organised, more streamlined, and having lower overheads. When their firm went bust, the Slitheen turned to chizzle-waxing.

[According to Boom Town and The Monsters Inside page 53-54.]


Harriet Jones becomes Prime Minister with a landslide majority. She will ultimately go on to become a three-term Prime Minister, ushering in Britain's golden age.

[Harriet's three terms and golden age are mentioned in World War Three and her landslide is mentioned in The Christmas Invasion. The election happens somewhere between the two stories.]


Mrs McGregor, a resident of Bucknall House on the Powell Estate in London starts wandering around the streets in her nightie, believing that it is still during World War Two. "Her Tony" puts her in a home in Sydenham, and the Council puts Mrs Pye (and, thus, her son Darren) into her old flat.

[At some point between Rose and Winner Takes All page 18. Tony's relationship to Mrs McGregor isn't stated.]


Klebanov decommissions the missiles on the St Petersburg submarine in Novrosk, or so he says.

[This was "last year" from The Deviant Strain pages 226-228.]



A new scratchcard game begins in the shopping centre nearest to the Powell Estate in London. Every item brought wins you a scratchcard, and winning cards either get you a new games console, complete with the game Death to Mantodeans, or a free holiday. Most of those who win the free holiday are never seen again. But the promotion is soon abandoned when the Porcupine-costumed people running it disappear themselves. Meanwhile, on the planet Toop, the Porcupine-like Quevvils launch an attack on their Preying Mantis-like enemies the Mantodeans, but the troops sent are killed whilst teleporting into the Mantodean stronghold.

[It's clearly after Aliens of London/World War Three and before Boom Town.]


Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart publishes a controversial best seller The Zen Military: A History of UNIT. This book revealed many of the details of UNIT's activities during the early 1970's. Kadiatu was the granddaughter of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and Mariatu.

[The date of Kadiatu's book was originally given in the novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks. In Transit (page 184) Alistair's granddaughter Kadiatu, a historian, is mentioned. In Set Piece, the other Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart says that she's read her grandmother's book and mentions the date 2006, though it's uncertain whether this is the date of the book.]

September 2006


The new mayor in Cardiff (Margaret Blaine) announces a new project - a nuclear power plant called Blaidd Drwg in the heart of Cardiff. The project is associated with a lot of deaths - the (French) European Safety Inspectors are all killed when "danger explosives" is only written in Welsh. The Cardiff Heritage Committee are killed by an electrocuted swimming pool, put down to wear and tear. The Architects are killed when the Mayor's car couldn't stop due to rain and low visibility. Mr Cleaver, the Government's Nuclear Advisor, slips on an icy patch and is decapitated. Before he dies, Mr Cleaver posts some of his findings online, that the reactor design is fundamentally unstable, and liable to cause an accident worse than Chernobyl. The day the project is unveiled to the press, Cardiff is hit by freak storms and an earthquake caused by the opening of a time rift, and the mayor disappears.

[A caption in the pre-titles sequence dates this to 6 months after Aliens of London/World War Three.]



Rose Tyler arrives back on Earth in the TARDIS, and persuades Mickey and her mum to help her open the heart of the TARDIS, which happens when Jackie calls in a favour to get a breakdown recovery truck, which pulls open the relevant section.

[The scenes on "contemporary" Earth aren't dated, but they are clearly after Boom Town.]


Dorothy McShane was still listed in a pan-European database of missing persons at this time.

[Set Piece, page 184.]

November/December 2006


Ruby Duvall takes a cruise on the liner SS Elysium. She reports on the cruise for the Sunday Seeker. Also on board is sculptor Mike Brack, who is scheduled to sculpt heads from rogue icebergs near Antarctica.

Meanwhile, the UN-funded FLIPback project reverses the inversion of Earth's magnetic field. Although no one remembers, a CyberFaction invasion was prevented at this time.

[The story runs from Early November (p25), through Friday 26th December (p1) to Wednesday 1st January (p251).The FLIPback staff are under mind control, and so shouldn't remember the invasion, and the Doctor hypnotises all those on the Elysiumem> except Ruby. Given this, it's surprising that Hegelia knows of the invasion in Killing Ground.]

24th-25th December 2006


The Guinevere One space probe is due to land on Mars, with photographs of Mars to be received by midnight on the 24th/25th December. Contact is lost for a few seconds. When the first pictures are received, and broadcast on live TV, they show an alien life form. This is quickly dismissed as a hoax caused by students hijacking the signal although NATO forces are reported to be on full alert. When morning comes in the UK, large numbers of people walk to the top of nearby high buildings and go to the edge, apparently ready to jump off. Prime Minister Harriet Jones goes on the TV - appealing to people to remain calm, and appealing for someone called "the Doctor" to "help us". Immediately after this appeal, a sonic wave hits London, shattering windows across the city. A large spacecraft then appears over London. Shortly after this, the people on the edge of the rooves come to their senses - acting like they've been hypnotised. Minutes after that, the alien ship travels away, but it is blown up by a large energy weapon which fires out from somewhere in London. However, UK news coverage is soon occupied with rumours that the Prime Minister's health is failing. Elton Pope is one of the people who witness the spaceship over London.

[It is clearly Christmas and is after The Parting of the Ways for Jackie and Mickey. Harriet seems new to the Prime Minister's job - being unused to having a right-hand man, whilst there is scaffolding on St Stephen's Tower - presumably from Aliens of London, meaning that it is probably 2006. Elton's presence is established in Love & Monsters]



Elton Pope stumbles across Ursula Blake's blog. He meets her and joins a group she is part of who are looking for the Doctor. They meet up every week. Elton coins a name for the group: "London Investigators 'N' Detective Agency" or LINDA. Over time, the group become strong friends and branch out into new things such as music.

[This was in the aftermath of The Christmas Invasion.]


Sarah Jane Smith publishes her final 'Doctor' novel.

[This is ten years after Decalog 3: Moving On (page 71) - so it's 2006. It's several years after A Hand Through Time was published in 2001 (page 72, 74).]



The Doctor and Rose say goodbye to Mickey and Jackie before leaving in the TARDIS

[It is unclear whether this is immediately after The Christmas Invasion or after a later visit.]

January 2007

An exhibition entitled Arms for Humanity is staged in Panama. Arms for Humanity is sponsored by shady multinational PPI. Proceeds go to the Preserve Our Planet Fund.



[The Arms for Humanity Exhibition was the first major event in what became known as The Big Clean Up. PPI was the first major corporation to recognise that they could make vast sums of money out of cleaning up the planet. By doing this, they profited twice over for environmental devastation.] PPI's major contribution was in realising that icebergs from the Antarctic could be converted into a vast supply of drinking water, which water-starved nations would be willing to pay extortionate amounts of money to obtain.

[Iceberg. The Big Clean Up is first suggested in Ben Aaronovitch's Future History Continuity for Virgin publishing.]


Stephanie arrives in New York to work for the Butler Institute, having previously worked for Texas Instruments.

[She's been in New York for nearly 18 months by Cat's Cradle: Warhead page 61.]


Deffrey Vale school obtains a new headmaster. At the same time, half of the teachers get flu and are replaced, as are several of the dinner ladies. A new curriculum is introduced, and from then on there are a number of children who get ill. Some of them disappearing completely.

[Three months before School Reunion.]

1st February 2007 (Parallel Universe)


In an alternative universe where Great Britain has a President, there is a country called New Germany, rich people own Zeppelins, and the immensely powerful Cybus Corporation provides download services straight to the brain through earpieces, John Lumic - Cybus Corporation's owner - creates a race of Cybermen from people living on the streets. He uses them to assassinate the President and begin converting the population of London. However, his conversion factory is destroyed, and his Cybermen made to self-destruct.

[Mickey finds a newspaper dated 1st February "this year", presumably the same year as School Reunion.]

Early 2007


One of the science teachers at Deffrey Vale leaves rather suddenly, having had a winning lottery ticket pushed through her door at midnight. Three days after her replacement - John Smith - begins, the school is destroyed in an unexplained explosion. The children at the school all got out in time, but the teachers all died in the explosion.

[Sarah mentions the spaceship over London from The Christmas Invasion as being "this Christmas just gone", making it early 2007.]


Swiss scientists create a black hole. K9 begins to seal it away so that it will not swallow the Earth.

[This is eighteen months before Invasion of the Bane. I choose to set it very soon after School Reunion so that the Sarah Jane series isn't set too far into the future.]



The Doctor and Rose arrive back in the real universe, materialising in Jackie's flat.

[This is after School Reunion and before Love & Monsters]



Satellites detect an energy spike in Novrosk, northern Russia, the site of several decommissioned nuclear submarines. The Russian authorities send a detachment of 37 troops led by Colonel Oleg Levin to investigate. The soldiers had been returning from an operation in Chechnya, where they had lost 48 men. The details of the operation were never released, but they destroyed an alien spacecraft with the aid of the Doctor, though there were several casualties amongst the soldiers, the local villagers, and the staff of a local research institute.

[The Doctor says that it's the early 21st Century on page 11, the Cold War was "coming to an end" 20 years ago on page 26, and there are mentions of the war in Chechnya and the sinking of the Kursk, which happened in August 2000. The exact date is arbitrary, but I've gone for 2007.]



A man called Victor Kennedy walks into a LINDA meeting and takes over the group, making them work at finding the Doctor. Over the time that he is in charge, two members of the group apparently leave without saying goodbye. At one point, Elton briefly encounters the tenth Doctor and Rose, at which point Kennedy sends them all to try to find out who Rose is. Elton meets Jackie Tyler and becomes her friend. One night, Jackie tries to make it more than that, but then discovers that Elton was originally interested in her only to get at the Doctor. Soon afterwards, Elton discovers that Kennedy is an alien which has absorbed the other members of LINDA. He defeats it at the same time as properly meeting the Doctor and Rose, and the Doctor manages to rescue Ursula Blake when the alien dies, although she exists only as a head in a paving slab.

[Elton discovered the group after The Christmas Invasion, and the meetings before Kennedy arrives must have happened over several months. He has to have met Jackie after The Age of Steel and the story ends before the Ghosts begin to appear two months before Army of Ghosts]


A sphere comes out of the anomolous point in Torchwood Tower. The sphere defies all of Torchwood's attempts to analyse it. Torchwood soon discovers that firing particles at the anomoly generates large amounts of energy, as well as prompting ghostlike beings to appear across the world. They begin causing ghost shifts at regular intervals, attempting to turn it into a new power source. The world's population rapidly accepts the ghosts, and comes to believe that they are actually the ghosts of dead people.

[The ghosts started appearing two months before Army of Ghosts.]



A ghost shift is unexpectedly cut short just hours before the ghosts appear in force and then become physical beings - - metal men. One of them broadcasts a demand for surrender on global TV and radio networks. Subsequently, various armed forces fight back against them. During this war, there are reports of pepperpot-shaped beings appearing in the sky above London and attacking both humans and invaders. Both sets of aliens then appear to get sucked into Canary Wharf tower. Both Jackie Tyler and Rose Tyler are on the list of the dead, although neither woman's body would ever be found.

[The ghost shifts must have started at some point after Love & Monsters. It has been three years since The Age of Steel on the parallel world, but cannot possibly be that long on the "real" one.]


During the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Cybus Cybermen invent a new - quicker - method of converting humans, grafting Cyber parts onto the existing body instead of transplanting their brains into Cyber-bodies. By the time the battle ends Torchwood employee Lisa Hallett is partially converted by this new method. Her boyfriend Ianto Jones rescues her and then hides both her and the conversion unit which is keeping her alive in the basement of Torchwood 3 in Cardiff. Torchwood 3's Owen Jones is involved in the post-battle clear-up.

[This is the backstory to Cyberwoman, and we actually see a couple of brief flashbacks of Ianto rescuing Lisa.]

June 2007

Donna Noble begins working as a secretary for H C Clements. Over the next six months, she starts dating Lance, the head of human resources, and nags him into agreeing to marry her.

[Donna and Lance both say that this was six months before The Runaway Bride.]


Letitia Jones begins a new job as the head of the PR Department for Lazarus Laboratories.

[Shortly before The Lazarus Experiment, according to Martha.]



Sally Sparrow investigates Wester Drumlin House - an abandoned house in the middle of London, and discovers a message that has been left for her behind the wallpaper - including a timely warning to duck. The next day, she and her friend Kathy go back there, and Kathy is transported to 1920 by a Weeping Angel. Over the next couple of days she pieces together that the Doctor (who is trapped in 1969) has sent her a video message in an Easter Egg on her DVDs. She plays the conversation in Wester Drumlin House, and uses the DVD to send the Doctor's TARDIS (which is in the cellar) back to him. It dematerialises with four Angels surrounding it - leaving them permanently frozen as they can see each other.

[Kathy's grandson says that she died 20 years ago, making it about 2007. The story takes place over at least three days, but given the one scene where Sally visits Kathy's grave - which must be in Hull - it's probably more like a week.]



The Royal Hope hospital disappears from the bank of the Thames for the best part of an hour. When it returns, the staff and patients claim that they were transported to the moon, and that rhino-faced aliens invaded the building. The aliens were actually the Judoon, who tracked down and killed a plasmovore who was wanted for murdering a princess. During these events, the tenth Doctor met Martha Jones.

[The date is never stated. Martha mentions the events of Doomsday, but not those of The Runaway Bride when talking about recent alien invasions, so presumably this story is set between these other stories. In The Shakespeare Code, the Doctor believes Martha hasn't read the final Harry Potter novel, which was released on the 21st of July 2007, so this is likely to be set before then.]



Professor Lazarus appears on TV to announce a demonstration of his new techonolgy, which will "change what it means to be human". That night, he demonstrates his new invention at a black tie event, transforming himself from a 76 year old into the body of a younger man. The event is disrupted when the Professor turns into a monstrous beast and starts attacking the guests. He is tracked down to the nearby Southwark Cathedral, where he dies by falling from the bell tower.

[The Doctor says that it's the morning after Smith and Jones, and Tish comments that Martha is having two nights out in a row.]



Mister Saxon plants agents in the home of Francine Jones. These agents were after information on Francine's daughter Martha and her relationship with the Doctor and were monitoring her phone calls.

[Francine appears to have been trying to get hold of Martha for some time, as she's worried she hasn't returned her calls. It's election day.]

11th November c. 2007


The Tenth Doctor and Martha visit a Remembrance Day service which Timothy Latimer is attending.

[There is a woman priest, so it's after 1994. Tim is an old man in a wheelchair. I am arbitrarily assuming this is Martha's native era.]

24th December 2007


Donna Noble vanishes during her wedding, only to reappear at the reception. The guests are left traumatised when they are attacked by baubles from the Christmas tree and by robotic Santas. Later that night, a massive star-shaped object appears in the skies above London and sends out beams of lightning into the streets. The object is blown to pieces by tanks. In addition to this, the river Thames is drained by unknown means.

[Donna says that it is Christmas Eve. The Doctor refers to the events of The Christmas Invasion as "last Christmas", although there's no indication how he knows what year it is.]

c. 2008


Sally Sparrow meets the Doctor whilst he is in the middle of an adventure and hands him a folder with information his future self will need to send her messages to allow him to retrieve the TARDIS.

[A caption says it's one year later. There's been enough time for Sally and Larry to have set up their own business together.]

November 2008

Chuck Norris is re-elected as President of the USA.

[The president is named as Chuck in Cat's Cradle: Warhead (page 20).]


During this year, Australian troops were involved in a conflict in Indonesia. [Probably involving separatist groups or East Timorese oil].

[Cat's Cradle: Warhead, pages 18 and 99.]


Justine smashes up cars in West Kensington using a sledgehammer and petrol bombs.

[According to Cat's Cradle: Warhead page 177-178, this was 3 days after she turned 17.]


Phil Houseman's book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence is published.

[We see an extract on page 122 of Theatre of War.]

April 2009

Mulwray breaks into the Butler Institute's computer system. He discovers that a big Japanese company called Hoshino owns the Butler Institute, and the extent of the Butler Institute's holdings.

[He says he did this in April on page 70 of Cat's Cradle: Warhead.]

June 2009

Vincent Wheaton spots rare Cthulu Gate tie-in comic Talons #1 in his local store . As he leaves the store with the comic, he is confronted by Bobby Prescott, who wants to hurt him for his computer games obsession. He uses his powers for the second time, killing Bobby Prescott's three associates. Within a week, Calvin - a schoolmate who was there when it happened - has contrived to seal him in cryogenic suspension. Calvin and three friends go to Turkey to guard the capsule.

[According to Cat's Cradle: Warhead pages 152-168. Page 153 says that it happened in June, a couple of weeks before the Summer Holidays. It is 2 decades since the riots, and is "a long time ago" relative to the main story on page 187. Given that Calvin and friends are in Vincent's school year, he is 14 when this happens (p152), and they are at most 14 on page 105, I assume this is the same year.]

Mid August 2009

Shreela is moved to a new room

[Two weeks before Cat's Cradle: Warhead page 9.]

Late August-October 2009


The Butler Institute had developed a project to save the minds of the rich and powerful inside a computer. As the project was getting underway, there was a fracas near their New York offices - a hovercraft stolen from police impoundment crashes into the building. The next day, the project is destroyed by a freak blizzard.

[The date is never stated. Shreela, one of Ace's mates from Perivale, dies at an unstated tragically early age on page 19. Halloween is on a Saturday (pages 199, 250), thus it's 1998, 2009 or 2015. Ace's clothes are 20 years out of date, making the middle date the most likely. Just War confirms that this is the 21st century. Ben Aaronovitch's Future History Continuity sets it c. 2007). On page 1 it's before the start of school in September, and on page 17 it's after the tenth of August. By page 140 it's October, and the last few chapters are over Halloween weekend.]

Following the destruction of the only way to escape the destruction of Earth's ecosystem, the rich turned to combating the problem. Billions were poured into researching possible cures. Methods were found to patch up the ozone layer. Sophisticated traffic control systems were instituted on roads. [Together with massive promotion of public transport] this reduced traffic considerably. The effects were, however, barely felt in major cities like London. [Presumably there was also a massive shift towards renewable energy use. Furthermore, subsidies for pollutant industries were replaced by subsidies for energy-efficient devices and clean-up operations. Wind farms became common in rural areas, as did solar panels in urban areas. Eco-friendly products were heavily promoted and regulated. There were even companies set up solely to monitor the environmental impacts of other companies. Despite these vast changes, the mood was far from revolutionary. Driven as it was by the big corporations, the clean up was criticised by environmental groups for not going far enough to prevent disaster, and for being little more than a temporary fix.]

[Some details are evident from the differences between Warlock and Cat's Cradle: Warhead. The end of Warhead suggests that the destruction of the Butler Institute's method of escape made the rich and powerful throw their weight behind clean-up efforts.]

Late 2009


Maria Jackson's parents divorce. She and her dad move to Bannerman Road, in a different school catchment area, and across the road from journalist Sarah Jane Smith. At the same time, there is an explosion at a nearby factory, which makes the popular drink Bubbleshock. There is an outbreak of mass hysteria, with most of the population walking around like zombies saying "drink it", whilst holding out bottles of the drink. Bubbleshock is withdrawn from the shops, and the mass hysteria blamed on escaping chemicals from the factory.

[K9 has spent eighteen months plugging the black hole, and he cannot have started doing this before School Reunion, so it is at least that long since Sarah's meeting with the tenth Doctor.]

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