Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

The Deadly Assassin

This is the third story in Season 14.


The Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor dresses in a rather bohemian outfit, notable for its long scarf. He is somewhat alien, willing to play the fool, and almost never gets on with authority figures.


None. The Doctor is travelling alone at the start of this story.

Recurring and Historical Characters

A Time Lord

The Time Lords are the Doctor's own people. . In The War Games they exiled the Doctor to Earth, allowing him to leave a few times in order to perform missions for them. In The Three Doctors they lifted his exile. Since then, they have occasionally asked him to perform missions for them. At the end of The Hand of Fear they sent a telepathic summons commanding him to return home.

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The Master is a Time Lord and an enemy and rival of the Doctor. In Terror of the Autons he arrived on Earth and allied with the Nestene Consciousness to attempt to conquer Earth. He was stopped by the Doctor and UNIT. He has since come into conflict with the Doctor on many occasions.

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