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The Christmas Invasion

This is the first Christmas special of the new series.

Where does this fit?

This happens between Series One and Series Two. It follows on from the 2005 Children in Need Special which, in turn, follows on from the Series One finale The Parting of the Ways

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The Tenth Doctor

The tenth Doctor has only just regenerated. This is his first story.


Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler is a 19-year old girl from London 2005. Before meeting the Doctor, Rose lived with her mother, Jackie Tyler, on a council estate and had a boyfriend called Mickey Smith. Her father, Pete Tyler, died when she was a baby. In Rose (New Series Series 1), she worked in Henrik's department store when the ninth Doctor was investigating Auton activity in the store, and she saw him blow it up. Rose then helped the Doctor defeat the Nestene Consciousness's attempt to take over the world, and he offered her a chance to travel in the TARDIS. In The End of the World (New Series Series 1), the Doctor took her to the far future to see the day the Earth is destroyed. During this trip, he upgraded her mobile phone, tying it into the TARDIS, so that she can call home no matter where or when she is. She has recently witnessed the Doctor's regeneration in The Parting of the Ways (New Series Series 1) and the 2005 Children in Need Special.

Recurring and Historical Characters

Jackie Tyler

Jackie Tyler is Rose Tyler's mother, and is very protective of her daughter. She briefly met the Doctor in Rose, before Rose decided to leave with the Doctor. In Aliens of London/World War Three (New Series Series 1), Jackie had spent the last year trying to find Rose after her disappearance with the Doctor. She also discovered what the Doctor's lifestyle is like, and that the TARDIS is a time machine. She is not a big fan of the Doctor.

Mickey Smith

Mickey Smith is Rose Tyler's boyfriend. In Rose (New Series Series 1), he was captured by the Nestene, and witnessed the Doctor and Rose defeating the Nestene, saw the inside of the TARDIS, and was there when Rose departed with the Doctor. Because he had trouble adapting to what had happened, the Doctor took a dislike to him. During the year since Rose went missing, Mickey did a lot of research into the Doctor and his impact on human history. He met the Doctor and Rose again in Aliens of London/World War Three (New Series Series 1). In that story, he helped the Doctor and Rose defeat some aliens called the Slitheen. He gained the Doctor's respect and was willing to wait for Rose's return. In Boom Town (New Series Series 1), he and Rose effectively split up. Although Mickey was still hopelessly in love with Rose, he knew that the Doctor would always come first for her. Unfortunately for him, Rose didn't really take in what he was saying about how he wanted her to come back for him.

Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones was the backbench MP for Flydale North during Aliens of London/World War Three (New Series Series 1). During those events, she helped the Doctor to defeat the Slitheen family from reducing the Earth to molten rock. After these events, the Doctor remembered that she was destined to become a three-term Prime Minister and usher in Britain's golden age.

UNIT logo

The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) is a paramilitary organisation set up by the United Nations to deal with alien incursions and other hi-tech and mysterious threats and situations. The Doctor first encountered them in his second incarnation during The Invasion (Classic Series Season 6). When the Time Lords exiled the Doctor to Earth, he became the scientific advisor to their UK branch (Spearhead From Space (Classic Series Season 7)), a position that he held during his third and fourth incarnations. He has encountered UNIT, or used his connections with UNIT, on a number of occasions since then.

Recommended Viewing

The Doctor regenerated in The Parting of the Ways (New Series Series 1) and Rose's initial reaction to him was seen in the 2005 Children in Need Special.

The Doctor and Rose met Harriet during Aliens of London/World War Three (New Series Series 1).

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