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A Dalek and a TARDIS

Around the time the law prohibiting interbreeding between Gallifreyans and Lesser Species was revoked, the idea of cross breeding of TARDISes became accepted, as long as it supported preparations for the coming Time War. There were many reasons for this change in point of view, but most significantly, the Time Lords had come to realize that their TT Capsules were not as invulnerable as they had once thought. Advanced seismic detectors could easily locate a TARDIS, even one that was buried deep underground. The Daleks and other temporal powers had developed Space/Time Scopes that allowed them to pinpoint the space-time location of a known TARDIS and track their disturbance in the Space-Time Continuum or the Vortex. Osirians, such as Sutekh, had enough power to single-handedly hold of an entire time-fleet of War TARDISes. It was also known that it took only 3 Daleks to create a chronon loop that would disable a TARDIS's transpower system, effectively trapping it in a temporal prison. Without power, the exo-shell's defences would fail and would be no stronger then the object it was disguised as. The Daleks had also armed their DARDIS TT Capsules with Temporal Disruptors that could severely damage a TARDIS from a distance. Their Time Destructors were capable of rupturing the exoshell of a TARDIS. To combat this, a new breed of timeship was commissioned by the more progressive elements of the Time Lords. The Lord President named it the 101-Project.

While the Type 51's Cybernetic Personality Matrix Interface represented an attempt to create a TARDIS that could communicate with its Time Lord as a fully interactive being, its marginal success was achieved only by creating a third mediator entity. The 101-Project had the goal of augmenting the sentient matrix of a TARDIS's Protyon Core to be able to comprehend both the three-dimensional and five-dimensional worlds. Research began 137 years before the beginning of the Time War. A TARDIS that was fully sentient in humanoid terms would not only be able to be trusted with advanced offensive systems, it would be able to use its 5-dimensional predictive abilities to directly aid the Time Lord within the material universe - a true omni-species.

Deciding to build on the interactive intelligence possessed by Validium, the first attempt to create a 101 Form capsule was the upgrading of one of the 13 hybrid TARDIS created by the Halfling Project. The Type 45 Model B TARDIS that belonged to the Master was chosen for this experimental refit. The Master made numerous changes to the Heart of the timeship, and her Protyon Core was programmed with heavy-duty biodata waldoes. The Type 45 saw these modifications as a fulfilment of her destiny as predicted by her mother, the Matrix. She was the first (and to date only) one of the 13 Halflings to achieve this destiny.

LolitaThe 101 project took much longer then expected, which resulted in the commissioning of the Type 90 and Type 91 models. After 118 years the 101 Form was re-born. She survived her birth but the screaming, terrified, timeship that resulted was completely beyond the Time Lords' control. She attacked them with strands of biodata and tore at space-time in a desperate attempt to free herself from her Cradle. The 101-Form would later be regarded as the first renegade TARDIS. Officially the 101 Form was, with great effort, destroyed, but in actuality the ship escaped and assumed the form of a female Gallifreyan. She took on the identity of a Time Lady known as Lolita (possibly a play on "101ita"). She formed an alliance with House Tracolix and, about five decades after the start of the Time War, she became the founding Grandmother of House Lolita.

After founding the house, Lolita began breeding with lesser species. She gave birth to at least one baby TARDIS. And shortly after that she was impregnated with another. Lolita would be a key agent in working to fulfil the Matrix's plans for the Timeships and the Time Lords. She single-handedly destroyed the Eleven Day Empire of Faction Paradox. Lolita planned to reveal her full capabilities to the Time Lords when the circumstances were such that they would be unable to stop her. At that point she would take control of the Great Houses of the Time Lords and fulfil the Matrix's plans. Fortunately, she was destroyed a little over 50 years after the start of the Time War in an altercation between the Time Lords, Faction Paradox, and the Osirians.

  • Contains Validium from the time of the Eternal Wars in the cronoplasm of her exoshell.
  • One of 13 pre-Time War capsules to be equipped with a Validium Weapon Module.
  • Originally a Type 45 Model B
  • Predicted by the Matrix to evolve in the 100 Form Timeships.
  • Sister to the Doctor's Type 40 Model B.
  • Participated in Marnal's Crusade on Date Index 309456 / 4756.7 RE / 1213 GRT / 100447 TL.
  • Was bonded to the Master at the Academy
  • The 101-Project was authorized by the Lord President.
  • The first and only 101 Form ever grown.
  • After the 101-Project, she was capable of thinking like a living growing biological creature.
  • Can have objects keyed into her Dematerialization Matrix, allowing her to dematerialize and rematerialize them at will regardless of the distance between herself and the object.
  • Regarded as the first renegade TARDIS.
  • Presumed destroyed but actually pretends to be Time Lady Lolita
  • Destroyed the Eleven Day Empire

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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