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102 Form Timeship

(aka Type 102, Compassion V, Laura Tobin V)

102 form console

Laura Tobin V was a human created on Anathema in the 20th century. She later became a travelling companion of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. She had a Faction Paradox designed receiver that was neurologically hard-wired into any signal she could receive. It was capable of picking up very obscure deep-level frequencies. The Doctor hooked the receiver into his Type 40 TARDIS so that the timeship would screen and filter all the signals she received. Unknown to the TARDIS's crew the timeship had decided to become the mother of the first 102-Form. The Ship began narrowcasting its programming to Laura in order to rebuild her biodata. At a moment of crisis Laura Tobin's human form was re-sculpted into the first and only 102-Form TARDIS. She was the first fully successful human / timeship hybrid. From this point forward she referred to herself only as Compassion.

Like the other 100-Forms she is capable of communicating directly with 3-dimensional beings (such as Gallifreyans or Humans) as well as 5-dimensional beings (such as other models of TARDIS). Her Central Cortex Element is made up of huge canyons of information storage systems filled with memory acid. This memory acid is semi-aware and self-repairing. Part of her mind is organic, and functions as a 4 dimensional anchor into Normal-Space. She has subsystems devoted to interpersonal dynamics. With these, she can predict every thought in a lesser species mind with an accuracy of 1.3 millifreuds.

The 102-Form has most, if not all, of the capabilities of a Type 40 TT Capsule. This includes the special enhancements give to the 13 Halfling Project, as well as many of the custom modifications the Doctor had made to her mother (the Doctor's Type 40). Most notably, Compassion was not dependent on the presences of an operator with Symbiotic Nuclei in order to enter the Vortex. Many of her capabilities are far superior to not only Type 40s, but even the later War Timeships. She can cross the Universe in a day and cover over 300 billion years in an attosecond. One of the few deficiencies was found in her Environmental Systems. Her interior is only big enough to carry several thousand people. However she is capable of exerting total physical control over her passengers.

Laura Tobin (aka Compassion)While Compassion usually assumed an external appearance that resembled her original humanoid form she was capable of blending into a time zone by reshaping her exo-shell to match the local inhabitants. Her default appearance is a human female who is 1.64 meters tall. She has dark red hair and facial freckles.[/unoff]

Like her mother timeship, Compassion is equipped with a Validium weapon module. When the module is activated, a brass spike extends from the console and form a set of concentric rings symbolizing a targeting reticule. This lever has only to be pulled down to fire the weapon. Using the weapon module to focus fire, the Validium was capable of discharging devastating red pulses of energy. The pulses could destroy even a War TARDIS if the target's defences had been weakened. With sustained bombardment, these pulses could reduce a planetoid to rubble. The system draws energy from the transpower system and the enhanced power of Compassion's 102 Form Heart allowed it to trigger novas in stars.

Indeed the power of her Heart was independent of the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey, and she accumulated most of her energy by swallowing novas and draining their energy, leaving only neutronium snowballs. It is rumoured that she is equipped with several other precision-capable ranged weapons and many of her abilities surpassed that of the future 103-Form timeships. Unlike later forms of TARDIS, Compassion had the power to simultaneously deactivate all the TT Capsules on Gallifrey.

After her re-birth as a Timeship, Compassion realized that the Time Lords would want her multidimensional mass for breeding stock., With the aid of the Doctor and a Randomiser he installed, she fled the Great Houses of Gallifrey. An attempt to capture her inadvertently led to the Battle of Mutter's Cluster and the destruction of the first Gallifrey of the Time War. She aided the Doctor in rescuing a copy of the Matrix files and the Time Lord Technician Nivet, who had designed the Type 90 and 91 War TARDISes.

Almost immediately afterwards, the War King of another Gallifrey rescued her from a null-probability field and she agreed to assist in the 103-Form breeding program. A decade into the Time War, she again worked with the War King to open up a "second front" in the Time War. Believing that the Daleks were a mere distraction, Compassion arranged for the eventual destruction of Lolita.

Compassion's good relations with the Time Lords did not last. Five decades into the War the House Military had orders to sterilize any world she was found on. Compassion's numerous exploits become legendary among the factions involved in the Time War and many time-aware species classified her as a Subversive Influence.

After at least 10 million (and possibly several billion) years of travelling the cosmos, Compassion made contact with the Universal Machine. This machine was created by the last of Post-Humanity out of skeins of light, thought, and aether. It was designed to record all of the machines humanity had ever created. After several decades of discussion, Compassion and the Universal Machine merged to create the City of the Saved: a compendium of all humankind that will continue to exist after the destruction of the Universe. The City is a micro-universe within which all the humans (including post and pre humans) that have ever existed in any version of history have been recreated as Homo Imago using a combination of Biodata and Warp Matrix Engineering. The Homo Imago are biomemetic structures comprised of the original human DNA, psychological make-up, physical traumas, and awareness of somatic processes. The City's 1038 power inhabitants live galaxy sized (1018 kilometres in diameter ) city within a state of grace where death, wounds, and pain are impossible.

  • Created out of a hybrid of the bio-formed human Laura Tobin V and the narrowcast signals of a Type 40 timeship.
  • Almost certainly uses Old High Gallifreyan as the programming code for its Artron Mainframe.
  • Probably has a copy of the Record of Rassilon
  • Contains Validium in the cronoplasm of her exo-shell.
  • Equipped with a Validium Weapon Module.
  • Is capable of thinking and communicating like a living growing biological creature.
  • Can predict every thought in a lesser species mind with an accuracy of 1.3 millifreuds.
  • Can drain novas for energy.
  • Has complete physical control over any lesser species who enters her.
  • Pedestrian Infrastructure can only transport several thousand humanoids.
  • Can assume the appearance of the local inhabitants of a time zone in order to blend in.
  • Probably required regular Chameleon Conversions to keep the Camouflage Unit from freezing up
  • Possesses a Symbiotic Bypass
  • Can cross the Universe in a day and cover over 300 billion years in an attosecond.
  • Can have objects keyed into her Dematerialization Matrix, allowing her to dematerialize and rematerialize them at will regardless of the distance between herself and the object.
  • Can deactivate any pre-100 model TARDIS within several thousand miles.
  • Involved in the first battles of the Time War, both at Dronid and Mutter's Cluster.
  • Mother of the first generation of 103-Form Timeships
  • Opened a second front in the Time War against the renegade timeship Lolita.
  • Considered by many factions of the Time War to be a terrorist and a renegade.
  • Merged with Post-Humanity's Universal Machine to save a copy of every sapient being with any human ancestry.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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