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103 Form Model B Hominid-Sentient Timeship

(aka Type 103)

With the completion of the experimental Model A 103-Form the Time Lords began breeding a Model B War TARDIS that would used to fight in the Time War. Like Antipathy, these TARDISes were produced through "organic" mating of the 102-Form and specially constructed bull-TARDIS Engines. While the mating process usually took place inside the time spiral of the space-time vortex, the near-infinite micro-universes were quickly removed from their mother's planet sized womb. The infants were suspended in pan-dimensional boxes and allowed to grow their first power cells. After providing the Time Lords with sufficient breeding stock, Compassion left Gallifrey to continue her travels. Like most mother Timeships, she never saw her children again. Her affection for these offspring was, however, undisputed.

For the first decade of these timeships' lives, even the most basic forms of movement were prevented. Through a viewport the technicians observed them until the timeships learned to communicate. At this point, the 103-forms were informed that they could not be released until they had learned self-control. Like Antipathy, many of these children rebelled at this, sometimes for years at a time. But in the end, under the supervision of the Time Lords, priming protocols, developed while studying the Familiars, produced an obedient time travel capsule.

While Antipathy was male, all Model B 103-Forms had XX circuits installed in their corridors (and almost all of their bonded Time Lords are male). After this, several other pieces of excitonic circuitry were installed, including a Chameleon Circuit. Like Compassion, each 103-Form has a name, such as Marie or Percival. These names were chosen by the newly released capsules at a formal Naming Ceremony. It is at that ceremony that they are finally allowed to take on a Gallifreyan appearance - though it often took the timeships several weeks to perfect the details.

War-TARDISes have all the interpretive, adaptive and responsive intelligence of normal TARDISes, but with enhanced aggression. They had most of the features of the 102-Form, but some of their capabilities were deliberately altered and blunted with the dwarf-star-alloy tools, to make them less powerful then Compassion.

Like their mother, they are capable of communicating directly with 3-dimensional beings (such as Gallifreyans or Humans) as well as 5-dimensional beings (such as other models of TARDIS). Part of their minds are organic and function as a 4-dimensional anchor into Normal-Space. The Central Cortex Element is made up of huge canyons of information storage systems filled with memory acid. This memory acid is semi-aware and self-repairing. The 103's subsystems devoted to interpersonal dynamics can predict every thought in a lesser species mind with an accuracy of 1.3 millifreuds.

The 103s could accumulate energy by triggering novas in stars, swallowing them and draining their energy, leaving only a neutronium snowball. Like their mother, they can cross the Universe in a day and cover over 300 billion years in an attosecond.

The 103-Form units traditionally blend into a time zone by reshaping their exo-shell to match the appearance of the local inhabitants. Their exo-shells are limited to roughly humanoid sized forms. Due to having a grandmother that was a Type 40, the Chameleon Circuits of the 103s would often jam in a particular shape and require frequent chameleon conversions to repair.

They are all equipped with traditional precision-capable ranged weapons, including the ability to cause local stars to go nova. They were also outfitted with many of the temporal weapons and defences found on Type 90 and Type 91 War TARDISes. They can tractor a more primitive TARDIS out of the Vortex, forcing it back into Normal Space.

The male/female breeding system ensures that each 103-Form has a mutagenic factor to make them less vulnerable to manipulation at the hands of the Time Lords' enemies. This has the effect of introducing "genetic" quirks into the breed, such that no two timeships were ever completely identical. Some Time Lords found the idea of TARDIS evolution to be disturbing but these 103-Form TARDISes quickly proved themselves to be the most essential and useful weapon the Time Lords had in the War. The House Military was anxious to grow as many as possible. Breeding facilities were set up in many locations, including the Fortress world of Simia KK98 and within a few decades they became the most common TARDIS.

Each 103-Form required neural-linking with a Time Lord pilot in order to enter the Vortex. While some saw the roles of these "organic drones" as little more then maintenance, in truth the Time Lord and Timeships existed in a true symbiotic relationship - each one was the companion of the other. The 103-Form provides its Time Lord with protection and a physical home, whilst an operator provides a 103-Form with a social/political foundation and frame work, as well as access to all of space and time. The neural-linkage actually grounds and anchors the timeship's personality. A whole new culture and vocabulary was created to deal with Time Lord/TARDIS interaction. For example, a 103's choice of name was often considered to be a good or bad omen. The fully sentient and interactive TARDISes created during the Time War are some times called Type 100s (Type 101, 105, etc...) but
are more properly referred to a Form 101 or Form 103 etc…

Like other War Timeships, the 103-Forms were organized into Fleets of at least 1,000 ships. Each fleet is subdivided into Centuries of 100 War TARDISes. There are at least 59 time-fleets, all numbered. A Time Fleet can extinguish even a well-protected star. Despite (perhaps because of) these accommodations, many 103-Forms would become renegades during the Time War.

  • Conceived within the space-time vortex and raised on bases and colony worlds of the Time Lords.
  • Born from a union of bull-TARDIS Engines and other 100-Form timeships
  • Choose their own names after more then a decade gestating in a pan-dimensional box.
  • Almost certainly uses Old High Gallifreyan as the programming code for its Artron Mainframe.
  • Possesses all the interpretive, adaptive and responsive intelligence of a normal TARDIS, but with enhanced aggression.
  • Are capable of thinking and communicating like a living growing biological creature.
  • Can predict every thought in a lesser species mind with an accuracy of 1.3 millifreuds.
  • Can drain novas for energy.
  • Has complete physical control over any lesser species who enters them.
  • Pedestrian Infrastructure can only transport several thousand humanoids.
  • Designed to assume the appearance of the local inhabitants of a time zone in order to blend in.
  • Exo-shells limited to roughly humanoid-sized forms.
  • Required regular Chameleon Conversions to keep the Camouflage Unit from freezing up
  • Can cross the Universe in a day and cover over 300 billion years in an ]attosecond.
  • Equipped with a Chaotic Limiter
  • Can have objects keyed into their Dematerialization Matrix, allowing them to dematerialize and rematerialize them at will regardless of the distance between the ship and the object.
  • Has Tribophysical Waveform Macrokinetic Extrapolator based Force-Field.
  • Equipped with a Tuckson-Jacker Energy Weapon
  • Equipped with an Artron Cannon
  • Equipped with a Vortex Lance
  • Time Warp Silos can launch Earthshock Bombs, Time Torpedoes, Klypstromic Warheads and Doomsday Probes.
  • Organized into Fleets of at least 1,000 ships and subdivided into Centuries of 100.
  • They were the most essential weapon and prolific timeship the Time Lords had in the first century of the Time War.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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