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Back before Rassilon became Lord President of the Time Lords, during the Time of Chaos, Omega, Rassilon, and the Other created the Ultimate Defence for Gallifrey. It was called Validium, a living metal with DNA, that becomes sapient when it achieves critical mass (probably about 300 kg). All of the units of Validium were created within a picosecond of each other. Validium's sole function is to cause destruction, and it was capable of instantly wiping out entire star fleets of warships. Without proper shielding, it generates an low-level aura of chaos that subconsciously induces violence and aggression in anyone within hundreds of thousands of miles of it. Validium can shape itself into whatever form its owner desires, and is even able to turn items into water or other elements. The potential sapience and its trans-mutative abilities made Validium very versatile and powerful.

Experimental timeshipWhile it is often suspected that Validium was used to create the Cold, the N-Forms, and even the Casts, very few know that the Matrix also experimented with using Validium to create 13 experimental hybrid Timeships. At this point, Time Lord engineers were a little more innovative in designing TARDISes then in later millennia. In the year 91963 TL of the Gallifreyan dating system the Time Lords (most likely House Oakdown) grew 13 special TARDISes.

The exterior of a normal TARDIS is made up of a [link=chronoplasmicshell]Chronoplasmic Shell[/link] composed of atoms of rare TARDIS metals that includes mercury and inorganic polymers. For this project, the timeships that were spawned by the Caldera womb had Validium grafted into the equations of the 5-dimensional chronoplasm. This created 13 timeships that were half Validium on their Father's side.

Despite the ridiculousness of mounting weapons on these pre-Time War capsules, the halflings were each equipped with a weapon module. When the module was activated a brass spike would extend and form a set of concentric rings symbolizing a targeting reticule. This lever has only to be pulled down to fire the weapon. Using the weapon module to focus fire, the Validium was capable of discharging devastating white pulses of energy. With sustained bombardment these pulses could reduce a planetoid to rubble. The system draws a significant amount of energy from the transpower system and should only be used when main power fully available. The operator is also cautioned that the module requires frequent maintenance and tuning or it will be incapable of focusing the fire, resulting in the energy being discharged in all directions.

Several different models of TARDIS were chosen for this experiment, including at least one newly conceived Type 40 and one Type 45. The Matrix viewed these 13 timeships as being unique, and foresaw that they were destined to acquire names and to evolve into a humanoid form. Being advanced 4-dimensional beings, all of the timeships of this generation knew about the coming Time War between the Time Lords and Daleks.

As of Date Index 309456 (the time of the Doctor's birth) most of the Type 40s were regarded as museum pieces. However, for those who knew the secret, these hybrid Type 40s were considered to be the cutting edge of TARDIS technology at that time. But, even the Time Lords couldn't foresee that two of these TT Capsules would go on to be some of the most famous timeships in Gallifreyan History.

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