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TARDIS Relational Information Systems

TARDIS Information System interface

These easy to access systems include the Information-Banks, Data-Core, Data-Banks, and Memory-Store. The Master Control Console contains an Informational Panel designed to provide access to this information. At least one roundel in each storage room or service tunnel can be opened to reveal an visual display unit and a keyboard which has access to the Information System.

Once booted up, all of the data can be retrieved via an Index File, which is displayed on a computer readout by typing "IF". Further data is recalled using key word searches. For more complex or lengthy operations a larger and easier to use data-bank keyboard can be extended out of a control panel using a switch located beneath the console. If one knows the right command codes a Space-Time Telegraph can be used to remotely access the Informational System. A TARDIS's computer interfaces are compatible with just about any system, including CD ROMs.

TARDIS Information System interfaceInformation Systems are updated automatically by the Matrix when a TARDIS returns to Gallifrey. A TARDIS in the field usually receives regular updates for the Data-Banks from the Matrix on Gallifrey. The information in these transmitted updates are sent in waves that can even travel between universes (if the circumstances are right). But the owner of the TARDIS must pay a fee for the remote update service. Some operators (like the Doctor) save money by purchasing the abridged version (which suffers from several indexing inconsistencies).

All of the data in the Information Systems are stored in Memory Acids controlled by the memory management system. Memory Acids are adaptive, self-repairing, and semi-intelligent. Four modules stick out of the Artron Mainframe. These contain the Memory Acids for the TARDIS Information System. The Information-Banks, Data-Core, Data-Banks, and Memory-Store each have their own module.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
  • The TARDIS Technical Index is copyright Will B Swift.

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