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Telepathic Induction Circuits

Telepathic Circuits

These circuits are located inside the Secondary Console, and are encased in a transparent cylinder that is 2.5 x 7.6 centimetres. Because the telepathic circuits are linked to the mind/brain interface of the operator, the Telepathic Induction Circuits are an essential part of the Symbiotic Relationship a Time Lord shares with their TARDIS. Through the Rassilon Imprimature a Time Lord becomes able to predict when materialization is imminent.While materialized, a TARDIS will continually send a telepathic signal stating "TARDIS Mainframe - Waiting." Most Time Lords can only clearly sense this standby message when they are inside the capsule. The link even allows the Time Lord to detect a badly wounded TARDIS's "cry" of pain. This exchange works both ways. This shared telepathic artron field greatly elevates a bonded Time Lord's artron energy levels. Removal of the Telepathic Circuits will sever the Time Lord's symbiotic link.

The circuits also play a vital part in the TARDIS' navigation. A TARDIS constantly generates a low-level telepathic field, which allows it to telempathically read the surface thoughts of its crew. This is done so that while travelling the Vortex the TARDIS draws on the intellect of its crew to increase operational efficiency. Some older ships have shown an affinity for the more primitive thought patterns of lesser species. If the operator is suffering from a mind altering drug (such as ginger beer), the telepathic circuits will pick up the irregular pattern formed in the interface. The space-time circuits will automatically copy this pattern and use it as an operating template to guide the TARDIS. This can cause numerous unpredictable and undesired effects.

A TARDIS generates a low intensity telepathic field of Artron Energy. The Imprimature allows the Time Lord to detect the location of his TARDIS from several dozen meters away. This telepathic field leaves a "thumb print" of the Time Lord's Symbiotic Nuclei and can be used by others to identify the operator of a TARDIS even after it departs. These prints get even more noticeable if a TARDIS makes a bunch of short hops. However this trail can be distorted by bypassing the Symbiotic Relationship Circuits.

The contra-inductor button allows the operator to broadcast an amplified telepathic message from the Time Lord's own mind to a specific target outside the capsule. The Signal Conversion Unit controls the telepathic energy that is received by a TARDIS's Telepathic Circuits. The Signal Conversion Unit can also lock on to, and jam, specific frequencies of psychic energy signals. Using tracking equipment the TARDIS can be programmed to follow the signals back to their source.

The Telepathic Circuits are capable of broadcasting a telepathic recall signal, which can be used by the operator to home in on the TARDIS. A Time Lord who is very close to their TARDIS can probably send a telepathic message which will cause its Eye of Harmony to detonate in a massive explosion that would destroy everything for miles. Using a telepathic amplifier and transmitter like the Core Circuits of a Telepathic Inhibitor a Time Lord with significant telepathic skills can transmit signals into the Vortex, taking complete control of their TARDIS from a distance. This probably causes the same long-term damage that early versions of TARDIS Remote Control caused.

The Telepathic Circuits are used to communicate with Gallifrey or other TARDISes via T-Mail. The circuits are also capable of receiving psionic beams from a Space-Time Telegraph. A telepathic 'chime' tells the Time Lord that a message has arrived.

The Vortex Shields can interfere with telepathic communications between people who are in the ship and people who are in Normal Space. But deactivation of the shields while in flight is not recommended. If an incoming signal is very faint, the operator can reducing the power to other TARDIS systems (including the lighting). The lack of interference makes it easier to decode a signal. Using the photon lever to channel more power into the telepathic circuits can boost reception, but this will quickly overload the console and cause a burn out.

Normally transmissions use rectilinear propagation within the normative space/time continuum, but it is possible to transmit messages to alternate realities by making the signal's wave front omnidirectional along every axis of the temporal continuum. It should be noted that this requires an external power source. Even a couple of minutes of transmission would use the energy equivalent to a supernova. The telepathic circuits can also receive messages from alternate universes that are sideways in time, but care should be taken, as such an energy signal would be enough to overload an unsuspecting TARDIS that has its scanner engaged. Such an overload would traumatize and disable the Artron Mainframe, disabling power to almost all systems for almost 2 minutes while the system cuts back and contains the signal. Powerful Rho Waves (of the sort used for hypnotic induction) have occasionally caused glitches

With the addition of the Thought Projector headset the Telepathic Induction Circuits allow a Time Lord to present his thought patterns and memories on the Scanner Screen. The Telepathic Circuits are capable of assisting crew members in dealing with mental invasions. Sometimes this takes the form of an avatar within the victim's mind. The circuits can destroy some types of parasites within a crew member's brain. It is even possible for a TARDIS to temporarily possess the bodies of people whose minds have been properly conditioned to receive their special signals.

Using a variation of Voice Integrator technology the TARDIS can manipulate the unconscious minds of the natives of the current time zone so that the Time Lord and his companions will be accepted by everyone they meet as being part of this world. This doesn't prevent the locals from perceiving the crew as a threat or an enemy. But it makes it very unlikely that anyone will believe that the crew is from completely outside their sociological system. This can cause undesired complications if the Time Lord should decide to tell the natives the truth.

Some have speculated that the Time Lords augment this field to the point where the Time Lord can subtly manipulate the thought process of lesser species, allowing him to seamlessly divert conversations and ideas into a more desired direction. While there is only inconclusive evidence for this type of sub-conscious manipulation, it is known that the telepathic circuits can perform a significant slight-of-mind alteration of the natives' physical perceptions of the crew. When modified in this way the locals will perceive the crew as being of their own species - even if the species is completely non-humanoid. It can even be fined tuned to present various racially based casts.

Untrained direct contact with the Telepathic Circuits links the user with a TARDIS's Artron Center, flooding his mind with memories and rendering an inexperienced user unconscious. If the TARDIS is properly configured then the Time Lord can serve as medium to transmit vast amounts of artron energy (though this will likely kill the Time Lord).

Using the Telepathic Circuits, the Memory-Store can literally store memories that are downloaded into them. Memories stored by telepathic circuits can also be uploaded into the minds of a user. The TARDIS is capable of wiping memories of severe trauma from someone, but the subconscious damage will still remain. If the field is set to high whilst a user is editing his memories, he runs the risk of accidentally copying and erasing the memories of any lesser species that is located within the TARDIS at the time. If exposed to theta emissions (say from a Dorganator) the telepathic circuits will fall in to a feedback loop, which can cause the minds of the TARDIS crew members to swap bodies. A Time Lord's knowledge of corporelectroscopy should make undoing this even relatively easy. If the operator suffers a serious mental trauma it can disable many of the TARDIS's systems including the telepathic circuits. Selkatonin can be used to repair overloaded telepathic circuits, however this substance is considered to be a restricted material by the Time Lords.

Under certain circumstances, the telepathic circuits can "catch" the mind of anyone who dies inside by entangling their time stream within time fields created by the Heart of the TARDIS. This can occur deliberately if the controls are properly pre-set, or if a TARDIS is positioned obliquely between two irrational time interfaces. This ability, with the addition of the healing Nanites from a TARDIS Sickbay, allows a TARDIS to bring those who die within a TARDIS back to life by healing their corpse and returning their minds to their bodies. In the case of being positioned obliquely between two irrational time interfaces the TARDIS can also reverse the ageing of a sentient, turning an adult into an infant. Such events will normally occur only if the TARDIS desires it, and for this reason, it is recommended that operators avoid irrational time interfaces.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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