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Type 12 Super Orbital Time Stations

Type 12 Time Station

While the Time Race was over, the Eternal Wars with the Great Vampires (which had started before the fall of the Pythia) continued. The most well known weapon in these wars were the 700 Bowships, crewed by 16,000 Prydonians and Arcalians. To transport Rassilon's Bow Ships, through time a specially designed TARDIS, the Type 12, was constructed.

These massive capsules were known as Super Orbital Time Stations. By time mapping their internal dimensions on to their exterior their massive exo-shells were the size of a comet. Dominating the disc-like structure is a colossal communications-tower. Space-docks, and batteries of space-cannons are also mounted on the exterior. The rust coloured panels of the shell are inscribed with rococo scroll describing the achievements of the Time Lords.

Type 12 interiorA side effect of the time mapping process led to minor instabilities with their real world interfaces. The stations' interiors were filled with interlocking complexes of corridors, workshops, laboratories, living quarters, energy generators, storage rooms, and Bow Ship Bays. Much of the ornately decorated interior was made of golden coloured machonite.

The Type 12 was the first TARDIS to make extensive use of exitonic circuitry. These artronic circuits were made of a type of metal that has many of the characteristics of plastic. They work by relaying pulses of artron energy through complex circuits. The Artron Mainframe is connected to the Matrix via the Telepathic Circuits, and if a Time Lord has the Key of Rassilon, he can physically interface their TARDIS into the Matrix's Thought Space using the legendary Seventh Door to the Matrix.

Section of Type 12 exteriorDespite sometimes being described as a War TARDIS, the Time Stations themselves have no actual offensive function, and serve only to deliver the Bow Ships to the correct time zone. One of the reasons the Time Lords never considered mounting offensive weapons on a Time Station was that they didn't want to give destructive capabilities to the incomprehensible intelligence that is a TARDIS sentience. As the name station implies, under most circumstances the station sits outside of time and deploys the Bow Ships via time corridors. Its Magnatron was even capable of shifting entire constellations over two light years. Despite their size, they contained only six Bow Ship Bays and probably carried no more then 10 Bow Ships. Each bay contained a psionic tractor beam that can collect timeships from the Vortex and force them to materialize inside.

Only one out of the 16,000 warriors who fought the Eternal Wars survived, and most of the Time Stations were lost as well. One War TARDIS transporting Bow Ships was invaded by a Great Vampire in the Agamemnon System. Its crew was killed and the damaged TARDIS was trapped there. For millions of years it transmitted a tight beam distress signal, but because of the damage the signal couldn't be properly targeted at any Time Lord Base. After accumulating asteroids for 10,000,000 years the massive TARDIS was eventually mistaken for a naturally formed planetoid by Humans and named Cassandra. Its self-destruct was eventually triggered by the Doctor.

The most advanced of these Stations constructed during Rassilon's life was the Class 7 Time Station named Zenobia. This was Gallifrey's largest off world Time Station. Within this station Rassilon built the Oubliette of Eternity Dispersal Chamber. Using D-Mat technology, those placed in the chamber would have their timeline erased - creating a new timeline where they would never have existed. Rassilon decreed that anyone threatening Gallifrey should be placed inside and dispersed.

This station survived the Eternal Wars and was still functional by the time of the Ravalox Stratagem. Over millions of years, the oubliette came to be used on any Gallifreyans who committed high treason. Eventually this practice was recognized as a violation of the Laws of Time and the punishment was forbidden.

Trial ChamberSometime before the Doctor's exile to Sol III the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA) purchased Zenobia and used it as their secret headquarters. The Time Station was moved to the Storm Belt (a graveyard of abandoned spaceships) orbiting a red giant on the edge of the Constellation of Kasterborus. To further ensure security, during important events the CIA would induce a massive electrical storm in the area. The CIA continued to use the Oubliette of Eternity for dispersal of Gallifreyan troublemakers. Thousands of people were dispersed by the CIA - sometimes as many as 200 in a single year.

During the presidency of Lord Niroc the CIA used Zenobia for their base for the Ravalox Stratagem. The CIA used the station's Magnetron to move Earth and its constellation 2 light years and rename it Ravalox. This scorched one side of the planet and devastated the other.

Eventually the CIA would re-build a Time Station into the Class 7c. The Class 7c Super Orbital Time Station followed the basic form of the Class 7 but was equipped with the latest in Mark IX technology. One of the new innovations was the architectural configuration program. Its interior architecture can transcendentally reconfigure itself instantly to meet with the needs of its crew. This allows travellers to quickly access any room in the TARDIS without extensive use of service tunnels. Another fairly new innovation is an improved ability to partially regenerate damaged systems and seal hull breaches. Perhaps most significantly, an Eighth Door to the Matrix was constructed and permanently installed in the Class 7c. This Time Station was forced to self-destruct to protect Gallifrey from the Never-People.

  • The first to have its components constructed with exitonic circuitry.
  • First to have the ability to Time Map the internal dimensions onto the external dimensions. This increased the exo-shell to the size of a small comet
  • Real World Interface tended to be unstable
  • Possesses 6 Bow Ship Bays with a psionic tractor beam
  • Probably carried less then 10 Bow Ships.
  • These timeships had a fully functional self-destruct mechanism (unlike later types of TARDIS)
  • Equipped with a Magnetron that can shift entire constellations.
  • The Class 7 Time Station Zenobia survived the Eternal Wars and became a base for the CIA.
  • Zenobia was used in the Ravalox Stratagem.

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