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Type 65

Type 65 exterior

Like the Type 53, and 58, the Type 65 TT Capsule major improvements were in the area of defensive mechanisms. The Type 65 was dubbed the Secure Recon TARDIS. It was created in an attempt to fulfil the needs of the Celestial Intervention Agency.

For starters, the reoccurring fault with locked Chameleon Circuits that had been plaguing all Capsules since the Type 30 was finally fixed with this model. No longer would frequent chameleon conversions be required. Other improvements to the Chameleon Circuit allowed the Type 65 TARDIS to take the form of statue like beings that were able to move and walk and the addition of a Limbo Atrophier. Because of all these changes the wave loop patterns of this TARDIS have much larger shift ratios then early models (like the Type 40).

More significantly, the Type 65 had the most elaborate and sophisticated anti-intruder and anti-theft systems yet devised – greatly expanding upon the Remote TARDIS Security System. The core of the whole network was the Scanner Identification Computer System (SID). The SID was designed to intelligently screen out unauthorized personnel to prevent theft, hijacking, and stowaways. The SID was independent, but parallel, to the main computer banks, preventing it from being altered by any external hacking attempts against the Artron Mainframe.

For most models of TARDIS, the Passenger Adoption Scanning Terminal automatically screens and adopts any sapient life-form which is present at the moment of dematerialization into the Vortex. On several occasions this had allowed stowaways to also share in this Time Lord gift. For this reason Type 65 and[/unoff[ more advanced capsules are equipped with a scanning booth, which must be used by any newcomer to be added to the Approved Entrance File. Only beings who whose biodata was on file would be fully accepted by the SID.

The MelkurUsing red Optic Pickups, the SID Computer System detects the biological rhythms (including retinal prints and artron patterns) of anyone attempting to come aboard and compares them with the Approved Entrance File. Anyone not found to be on the list would find the main doors closing and the doors being double locked. If a target tries to interfere with the locking mechanism the TARDIS can also paralyse anyone who touches the exterior shell. The TARDIS can inflict tuned artron energy on anyone who made eye contact with the external Optical Pickups. These attacks could stun or paralyse.

If the locking mechanism was somehow bypassed and unauthorized entry into the control room was achieved the SID would attempt to remove, or disable the intruder by other means. In addition to controlling the various defence mechanisms of earlier TARDIS models, it had the ability to alter the Architectural Configuration System, allowing it to reconnect dimensional junctures so that every door leads through the real world interface and out of the TARDIS. If these tactics were insufficient, the SID would deploy non-lethal stun gas. The internal optical pickup wasalso capable of artron energy attacks.

The default Standby Setting for the SID was non-lethal, but this would be changed to Active Mode if the system recognized the intruder as being from its list of major temporal marauders (such as the Daleks, Cybermen, or Sontarans). If such an intruder was detected, more violent methods would be available to the SID. In active mode the TARDIS was capable of using its internal or external red optical pickups to not only to stun or paralyse but to also inflict severe pain. These attacks could kill even a Time Lord. The system could be set up so that an intruder could remain alive as long as they didn't move.

Type 65 interiorFrom inside the TARDIS, the operator was able to take direct control of the SID computer system. The red Optical Pickups could be modified to relay hypnotic and telepathic signals. It could even be used to displace another TARDIS's exo-shell from the current time-cone, making it vanish.

Unfortunately the Scanner Identification Computer System tended to suffer from very unpredictable faults. It would become over-sensitive and often targeted its own Time Lord or his fellow crew members for no readily apparent reason. While it was rare, it was not unknown for lethal force to be deployed in such situations. The presence of powerful rho waves (of the sort used in perceptual induction hypnosis) virtually guarantees a malfunction of the SID's control circuitry, making it violently paranoid. In the end, the SID was considered to be a failure and was not installed on any other model of TARDIS.

  • Known as the Secure Recon TARDIS
  • First model to not require frequent Chameleon Conversions
  • The Type 65 could assume the form of mobile statues
  • The Type 65 possessed a Limbo Atrophier
  • The Type 65 was the first to be equipped with a scanning booth for its Passenger Adoption Scanning Terminal
  • The Type 64 was the first, and last, model to carry the Scanner Identification Computer System.
  • All remaining Type 65s required extensive modifications to attempt to compensate for the faults in the SID.
  • The Master stole an modified Type 65 TARDIS but it was destroyed on the planet Traken.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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