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Type 89 exterior

The Type 89 has a long and complex story.One of the fallouts of the Ravalox Incident was massive contamination of new ideas form other temporal powers throughout the cosmos. This would result in a surge in the number of different models of timeships being designed. The Type 98 would become the most advanced and complex traditional TARDIS ever created. While prototypes had been being tested for several centuries as part of Project Foresight, the Type 89 didn't go into production until 11 years before the Ravalox Incident.

Using an enhanced Telepathic Link between the Time Lord and Capsule, the Type 89 is capable of boosting a traveller's reality quotient, vastly increasing the chance that their version of reality would survive if a major change to history occurs. It also had a superior ability to execute short hops. These systems were designed by the Arcalian Time Lord Mathematician and Scientist named Lord Verostephocalen. Like the type 97, the Type 89 has its Time Vector Generator installed in the central column instead of a wall alcove or under the console. Because of this the central column looks very different to the one found in a Mark I Console.

Lord Verostephocalen developed the theory that the Back Time Field Buffers that protect Gallifrey's Relative Past could be penetrated by using the Star of Rassilon, two Type 89 TARDISes working in tandem, and some very complex forced-matter equations. This possibility was to prove too great of a temptation for some renegades. Under the hypnotic control of the Master, Lord Verostephocalen stole one of the Type 89s as part of attempt to use Rassilon's Star to breach the back time field buffers and travel into Gallifrey's relative past. While this attempt was thwarted, the second Type 89 had to be destroyed to prevent the Master from stealing it.

Originally only two of these experimental Type 89 capsules were produced. However a reorganization of TARDIS classifications would change this. Just as Veros had been inspired by alien ideas of how technology should be used, so to were other TARDIS Engineers becoming obsessed with the cross-breeding of ideas. By the time the Doctor assisted Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu in repelling a second Yssgaroth invasion the designs of the newer models of timeships were developing in an almost evolutionary fashion. Using Veros' Type 89 as a foundation, new systems were grafted on to capsules creating numerous mutations. Each of these variations was issued its own model number, causing much confusion. Despite the fact that the Navigator program was only marginally superior to that found on the Type 70, the Primary Control Room was no longer designed for manual control. Instead the operator relied entirely on the Navigator voice control circuits. While optional controls were still available for use in an emergency the Master Control Console could only be found in the Secondary Control Room. This level of vocal interaction was such that many Time Lords began to give these timeships names such as Ilsashatii.

  • Type 90: Put into production before the Committee of Three scandal.
  • Type 97: first to have a Stattenheim Remote Teleport Control
  • Type 98: First to have a holographic scanner.
  • Type 102: Voice print lock, Limbo Atrophier
  • Type 104
  • Type 128b
  • Type 161.55
  • Type delta-216-delta
  • Type n+x
  • Type pi-R-760
  • Type 1056771z

The designation of the last of the capsules on this list was considered by the High Council to be so absurd that a re-organization was mandated. To prevent confusion, all capsules of this new generation were re-designated as Type 89s. All of the various mutations that were deemed to be successful were grafted on to all of the timeships of this generation as part of the Mark X refit, thus standardizing all Type 89s. From this point forward, much stricter limits were enacted on the design of new models. With the shadow of the Time War approaching, no new non-military TARDIS models were issued. Within five decades of the start of the War all non-military research missions had been suspended by the Supreme Council.

  • Created as part of Project Foresight
  • First to have new Telepathic Circuits allowing the Time Lord to have a stable reality quotient when altering history.
  • New systems allow for much easier and more accurate microjumps
  • The Type 89 (formerly Type 97) was the first to be equipped with a Stattenheim Remote Teleport Control as a standard feature.
  • The Navigator program would become the preferred method of controlling the Type 89
  • Like all Capsules since the Type 58 the Chameleon Circuit works automatically, blending with its environment as it materializes.
  • The Type 89 (formerly Type 98) was the first to have a holographic scanner.
  • The Type 89 (formerly Type 102) was the first with Voice-Print Locks
  • The Type 89 (formerly Type 102) had a Limbo Atrophier as standard
  • When combined with the Star of Rassilon, the fields created by two Type 89 Capsules would allow travel into Gallifrey's past.
  • The first Type 89s were issued to Lord Verostephocalen and Lord Dorvios. The first was captured by the Master, and the second was scrapped.
  • Like the Type 89, the Proto-Type 97 had been in secret use by the Celestial Intervention Agency as far back as the War Lord Malfeasance Tribunal. But after over 500 years of testing it was had finally put into production sometime after the Veros incident.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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