A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-tens (2010-2019)

Early 21st Century

The Eisenck Portfolio version of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is produced. The version could be described as neutered.

[The Doctor dates this on page 16 of Alien Bodies.]



Days before the wedding of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane in Cheldon Boniface, locals clash with what they believe to be inhuman beings, possibly of extra-terrestrial origins. These beings later attended the wedding. In addition to these guests, others came in the guise of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and the Isley Brothers. More normal visitors included Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, (who miraculously regained his youth during his visit) his wife Doris, John Benton, Mike Yates, Ace and Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart. Gatecrashers included Hamlet MacBeth and Ruby Duvall.

[The date is clearly stated.]


Edward dies.

[According to Countess Gallowglass in Relative Dementias (page 17), this was 'last year' from 2012.]


Chloe Webber's father dies.

[This was a year before Fear Her.]


Geocomtex discovers the cure for common cold from bacteria found in a Russian crater. They keep it quiet so that they can make money from selling palliatives.

[This was "last year" according to Van Statten in Dalek. The cure for the common cold is also mentioned in The Ark]


Worldwide, a number of international tensions had arisen. [In particular, India and Pakistan were at loggerheads, the Middle East was almost at war over water, Israeli/Arab tensions were hotting up, the former USSR was undergoing further break-up, and Indonesia was fighting numerous separatist groups.] In the midst of this, Salamander convinced a group of people that a nuclear war was inevitable [as these flashpoints all revolved around nations with nuclear weapons]. Before a war could have broken out, they established themselves in a nuclear shelter under Kanowa, Australia. [Shortly afterwards] there was a [nuclear] incident at Southport. [This was presumably an explosion or publicised near explosion of stockpiled nuclear weapons, possibly triggered by a terrorist attack.] After this, world governments realised that stockpiling nuclear weapons would only result in all-out nuclear warfare or serious nuclear accidents. They then reduced their stockpiles considerably.

[Salamander's shelter is from The Enemy of the World. The Stockport Incident is mentioned by Benny in Just War. Zoe recognises a nuclear blast in The Dominators. Given her general ignorance of history, it seems unlikely that there were no nuclear weapons left by her era. Hey, it's pretty ridiculous to suggest that it could happen, anyway.]


Peter Hinton's book The Greeks had a Play about It is published.

[We see extracts on pages 273 and 290 of Theatre of War.]


By this time, fashions included long coats in billowing, shiny parachute-like fabric and short hair cropped into whorls and circles.

[According to Relative Dementias page 9.]



K9 Mark 3 ends up on a market stall somewhere in England, where the owner plunders him for spare parts. When he is reduced to a brain module, his visor, and some vocal apparatus, he is rescued by a young teenager called Jack, who then records K9's memories and brain onto recordable CDs.

[K9 hasn't spoken for 16 years by page 75, probably since Decalog 3: Moving On (hence my dating). However, the Series 2 story School Reunion is likely to completely change this dating.]



A Geocomtex complex rumoured to be a museum of extra-terrestrial artefacts, buried in the US state of Utah is abandoned after the deaths of 200 security staff. The complex is filled with cement and Geocomtex supremo Henry Van Statten disappears, being replaced by Diana Goddard.

[The Doctor says that the year is 2012. Van Statten's comment about replacing the US President means that it has to be before March, as that would be the latest it would be possible to replace the president, given that Van Statten is happy to replace him with a candidate from either political party.]



The Doctor and Ace visit London to collect the Doctor's mail.

[The date is given on page 13, and the back cover.]

July 2012


In the week before the London 2012 Olympics, several children disappear from Dame Kelly Holmes Close, reappearing on the day of the opening ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, the 80,000 people in the Olympic Stadium briefly disappear. Meanwhile, something that looks like a lightning bolt strikes the Olympic Torch. The torch bearer stumbles and falls at the entrance to the stadium, but an unknown individual picks up the torch and takes it to light the Olympic Flame. During the subsequent Olympics, Papua New Guinea surprise everybody in the Shot Put.

[It's the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.]

July 4th 2013

Something bad is due to happen in London on this date.

[According to Countess Gallowglass in Relative Dementias (page 17).]

Date Unknown

The Doctor is present as the first human clones are made. They are mindless, and intended to be used as stunt doubles in motion pictures.

[This is said to have been thousands of years before Heritage page 268 (6048), and must be well before Deceit (26th Century), where we see a clone of Absalom Daak.]

c. 2014

Organised crime had, by now, incorporated drug dealing. Sales of drugs increased when a new drug known as warlock came onto the market. The fight against this drug was more intense than the drug war had ever been. In the UK, police used their own model of Porsche in an attempt to match the speed of dealers' cars. Globally, the International Drug Enforcement Agency was set up from Interpol and the FBI. IDEA, headed by Henry Harrigan Jr., was based in the former headquarters of the Butler Institute in New York.

[Warlock has been on the street for about a year before Warlock.]



In the Magellan Cluster, three empires were in a state of perfect symmetry. The devious Saloi, who could only think in terms of bluffs and double bluffs, the militaristic Czhans, and the savage Dakhaari were almost at war. Their rival claims to the planet Moriel would have resulted in an all-out conflict. The Hollow Gods, who had manipulated all three empires for generations, demand a diplomatic solution and employ the Doctor as an arbiter. Meanwhile, Bernice Summerfield meets Jason Kane.

[Jason (born 1983) is 29 on page 35 and is 'near enough' 30 years old on page 123.]

Autumn c. 2015


The drug warlock abruptly disappears from the streets shortly after IDEA officers are involved in the destruction of Canterbury Cathedral. This latter incident is blamed on a freak ball-lightning effect. At about the same time, an animal research lab near Canterbury is closed down following reports of experiments on humans. Also at this time, the gangster Paulie Keaton inexplicably loses control of organised crime in the city.

[Cat's Cradle: Warhead was years ago. Vincent and Justine bought a car after a few years of marriage and have had it some time. Justine has grown up from a girl of maybe 16 or 17 to a woman. On the other hand, she's probably only a couple of years older than the medical student. It's therefore probably around five years since Warhead. It's late autumn.]

c. 2015

About this time, synthetic bioluminescents (glow in the dark putty) become popular toys.

[In State of Change (page 42) the Doctor dates this as about 30 years after Peri's time (c.1985).]

c. 2015

[It was about this time that humanity began re-investing in space travel. The corporate development of cheap, reusable, rockets overrode former security considerations that had limited space travel. In short order, humans established the earliest moonbase. They also began developing plans for permanent space stations. It is possible that this exploration of space was intended as a prelude to terraforming other worlds in case the clean up failed. It would prove to be several decades before this revival of space travel would make a major impact on human history.] One application of this new technology was faster intercontinental travel via rocket. Shorter trips [began to be] made by hovercar. Several space stations were set up for defence reasons following numerous attempted alien invasions since the 1970s. They were armed with X-ray "lasers" and convolute force-fields. They were also used for message relays, ship stopovers, and research purposes. Over time, subsequent governments forgot the original motives for setting up these stations. To gain public favour, the utility and scientific value of the stations was stressed. These stations were increasingly staffed by specialists, whose ability at their job was top class, but whose horizons were incredibly narrow.

[Stories such as The Moonbase and The Wheel in Space suggest that humanity revitalised at least one space programme during this century. Its placement here is arbitrary. The terrestrial transport details are from The Enemy of the World and the details of the space stations form the backgroung to The Wheel in Space.]

c. 2015

At the same time, momentous political changes were occurring. [The globalisation trend became increasingly realised. Although the nation state was never abolished, regional alliances such as the EU, the AU, and NAFTA became the essential unit of government. Recognising of this trend, international bodies began restructuring. In particular, the United Nations became] the World Zones Authority, or the United Zones. Each Zone had a Controller [who was responsible for implementing global initiatives such as the clean up].

[This is the political background to The Enemy of the World.]


Ramon Salamander invents Sun-Catcher, a global weather-control system.

[A year before The Enemy of the World.]



Mexican scientist Salamander dies. It soon emerges that he was planning to take over the United Zones and become a world dictator. It is also revealed that he was responsible for a number of recent 'natural' disasters. [An official attempt is made to reassure the public that there is no danger of weather control technology being misused in this way again.]

[Astrid's helicopter has a license that expires on the 31st of December 2018, and Swann shows Salamander a newspaper from the previous year dated 16th August 2017. A contemporary Radio Times article, set it fifty years in the future (2017). The storyline for the novelisation and its back-cover blurb set this in 2030, being fifty years after its intended publication date.]


The Doctor placed a personal ad saying Ace - Behind You! in an issue of NME from this year. Ace later bought a copy from Ladbroke Grove hypertube station.

[According to Timewyrm: Revelation pages 95-96 & 216.]


The microprocessor becomes redundant, replaced by a system called Single Molecule Transcription.

[According to the computers on Station 5 in The Long Game.]

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Will this bit on the 2010s ever be updated, as it seems to have stopped with Series 3.

Yes it will, eventually.

I'm generally adding new stuff to this section as I write up discontinuity guides. As I write this comment I'm partway through writing up Torchwood Series 2, which I'm finding a real slog because the quality is so low (and so I keep putting off doing the next episode) after which I'll come back to writing up Doctor Who TV episodes.

I'm also doing a bit of a re-write of the entire history section as part of putting it into a new backend that will eventually allow some nice functionality, so the history section of the site is still being updated, just mostly in ways that aren't immediately obvious.

Oh good. I appreciate there is a lot to do and it is good the site is still going. Though of course where to date some of 11's later stories gets interesting...

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