• Reply to: System Shock   1 week 16 hours ago
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    With the younger and older (present day) versions of Sarah-Jane Smith in the same time frame, when the pen was initially activated wouldn't the Voracians have immediately picked up two signals coming from both same pens?

  • Reply to: System Shock   1 week 6 days ago
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    He doesn't! re. Pg167: The Doctor had been surprised if not exactly delighted to find Sarah was at Hubway.

  • Reply to: Godengine   1 month 1 day ago
    Author: Oliver

    I believe the Monk allying himself with a military Ice Warrior nest is a reference to the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip '4-Dimensional Vistas', which involves the Monk allying himself with a group of Ice Warriors.

  • Reply to: Island of Death   1 month 1 week ago
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    pg279: 'That's the second time I've played brinkmanship in as many weeks...'
    IoD is apparently placed between Pertwee's final two outings as the Third Doctor in The Monster of Peladon & The Planet of Spiders, though I see no real evidence to suggest this. Howsoever, the story unfolds over a period of almost 2 weeks and prior to this, there is also Amorality Tale tucked in between the two tv adventures; the point being that the Doctor must therefore be referring to the outcome of Amorality Tale as his previous act of 'brinkmanship' - a story that also take place over a period of 2-3 week, having already been at the location 2 weeks prior to commencement of that venture.

  • Reply to: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark   1 month 2 weeks ago
    Author: phutty

    Given what happens in the story, it can't be a coincidence that the backpackers are called Jack and David - the names of the two Americans in 'An American Werewolf In London'.

  • Reply to: Horror of Glam Rock   2 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: Jobriath

    How is it transphobic?

  • Reply to: Season 6b   2 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: David Mantell

    A crucial point about Season 6b is that it creates potential for a post-Fury From The Deep reunion and happy ending for the romance between Jamie and Victoria, so cruelly interrupted at the end of Fury.

  • Reply to: First Doctor Profile   2 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: David Campbell

    1) Susan clearly does want to go with David - she breaks down and cries "Oh I do love you David I do" just before the Doctor locks the door. The only thing stopping her from leaving is her sense of guilt over abandoning her grandfather.
    2) The Doctor is clearly upset at having to lock Susan out of the TARDIS. Even before he does so, Barbara has already worked out what is going to happen and is a willing accomplice inasmuch as she drags Ian out of a conversation with David so that he and she can be inside the TARDIS. He is still in a state of buried grief at the start of The Rescue when he sleeps through the TARDIS landing "for the first time ever"
    3)He is only ever "mean cruel and nasty" to Susan in the pilot episode which was retconned in favour of what we see in the broadcast version. The pilot episode Doctor would never have stood for the broadcast episode Susan's threat to leave the TARDIS and stay in 1963. The boradcast episode Doctor does not shout and growl at Susan like the pilot version does. The Doctor is upset in The Daleks over the disagreement with Susan over whether a hand really touched her in the forest and is relieved when Barbara offers to talk to Susan to smooth things over.

  • Reply to: Walking to Babylon   3 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: Amy

    Hi Jonathan,


    Sadly, the full Facebook post linked to in that blog posting isn't even on the Wayback machine, but I think most/all of the WTB part of the rant is there.

  • Reply to: Walking to Babylon   4 months 1 week ago
    Author: Jonathan

    You don't have the link to the Lawrence Miles rant do you? I'm very seem to find it anywhere.

  • Reply to: School Reunion   4 months 1 week ago
    Author: Greg Dunn

    ...there's no facility to comment there, and since it follows on from School Reunion, so be it:

    GOOF: Despite little or no time having elapsing between the end of School Reunion and the start of The Girl in the Fireplace, Rose somehow manages to crimp her hair.

  • Reply to: Blink   4 months 1 week ago
    Author: Greg Dunn

    Who threw the rock at Sally Sparrow in the pre-titles? Surely not the Weeping Angel. (And why didn't it creep up on her and zap her while she wasn't looking at it anyway?) But who else then? Did the Doctor go back and set up some elaborate - and impossibly perfectly timed - catapult system? Or was he just there in the shadows at the same time? (That might explain the lack of movement of the Angel, I suppose, if the Doctor kept one eye on it most of the time.)

  • Reply to: Rags   4 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: thebortim

    I too was so bored and disgusted with this offering that I missed out whole chunks simply so that I could get to the UNIT/Doctor bits and they were pretty uninspiring. On the whole, a disgraceful use of DW and should be erased from DW canon, prose or otherwise! I wouldn't want to be in this authors head!

  • Reply to: Bad Therapy   6 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Charles

    I'm sure Jack travels in the TARDIS toward the very end of this book. At least in two or three trips.

  • Reply to: The Stealers of Dreams   6 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Brad Filippone

    Another possible source is the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel "Gulliver's Fugitives" by Keith Sharee. It too featured a planet on which fiction was illegal. That being said, its plot goes in a completely different direction.

  • Reply to: Horror of Glam Rock   7 months 1 hour ago
    Author: mark687

    This audio is transphobic.


  • Reply to: The Dark Path   7 months 1 hour ago
    Author: mark687

    That's why these sort of books are never a good idea.


  • Reply to: Timewyrm: Revelation   7 months 6 days ago
    Author: John Andrews

    Why was Cheldon Bonniface destroyed and Saul brought to the moon?

    This was explained in the book. The plan is for the mental energy released by the Doctor's death can be channeled via Saul. Properly channeled it could knock the moon out of its orbit and then destroy the earth. Without Saul, this would not be possible

  • Reply to: The 2010s   9 months 1 week ago
    Author: Felix O'Kelly

    Oh good. I appreciate there is a lot to do and it is good the site is still going. Though of course where to date some of 11's later stories gets interesting...

  • Reply to: The 2010s   10 months 1 week ago
    Author: whoniverse

    Yes it will, eventually.

    I'm generally adding new stuff to this section as I write up discontinuity guides. As I write this comment I'm partway through writing up Torchwood Series 2, which I'm finding a real slog because the quality is so low (and so I keep putting off doing the next episode) after which I'll come back to writing up Doctor Who TV episodes.

    I'm also doing a bit of a re-write of the entire history section as part of putting it into a new backend that will eventually allow some nice functionality, so the history section of the site is still being updated, just mostly in ways that aren't immediately obvious.

  • Reply to: The 2010s   10 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Felix O'Kelly

    Will this bit on the 2010s ever be updated, as it seems to have stopped with Series 3.

  • Reply to: War of the Daleks   10 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: Andrew Herlan

    1) When the First Doctor landed on Skaro, he had no control of the TARDIS. In addition, the Time Lords erased part of his memory.

    2) When the Fourht Doctor landed on Skaro in Destiny of the Daleks, he had control of the TARDIS. And the TARDIS banks would have stored this planet's location as being Skaro. Thus, it is these co-ordinates in Destiny that destroy 'Skaro'.

    3) Terry Nation never gave the Virgin Books the rights to any of his characters. Thus, any Daleks, Thals, Movellans etc. appearing in any Virgin Books must be totally different creatures who just, coincidentally, have the same names for their races as races from Dalek stories.

    4) The destruction of Skaro in Remembrance is the stupidest thing to happen in Classic Who. Followed, closely behind, by Ace destroying a Dalek with a baseball bat, which only narrowly beats the entirety of The Happiness Patrol.

    5) This book does seem to split fandom, similar to UNIT dating. Those who despise it seem to be of the 'The Seventh Doctor as Time's Champion is the Greatest Who Ever', whereas those who have no real problem with it are those who prefer their Doctor to be more like Doctors One through Six.

    6) But nothing mentioned above in this post comes close to the absurdities of The Timeless Child.

  • Reply to: The Sound of Drums   10 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: Andrew Herlan

    Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords/End of Time 1/End of Time 2:

    1) The Master is a person of importance, whose real identity is unnknown. A big hint to his true identity is when the Doctor's companions see his anachronistic watch...The Time Meddler

    2) The Master alters History so that Harold (the) Saxon can rule Britain..The Time Meddler

    3) The Master has a laser screwdriver.. The Daleks' Master Plan

    4) The Master speaks of his "Call to War"...The War Games

    5) The scene where the Doctor and the Master argue about calling in the Time Lords...The War Games

  • Reply to: The Eleventh Hour   11 months 1 day ago
    Author: Gary Adams


    It's possible that I missed something, maybe you can help.

    At the end of The End of Time the Tenth Doctor visits all of his companions, last of which is Rose on New Year's morning before they met in 2005.

    The TARDIS takes off and starts to break up as The Doctor regenerates. This part of the story continues at the beginning of The Eleventh Hour when the TARDIS crash lands on Amelia Pond's aunt's shed.

    After his initial meeting with Amelia he says he has to test run the TARDIS then he'll come back for her.

    There doesn't seem to be any hint of the TARDIS travelling in time throughout any of this so the meeting between The Doctor and Amelia must take place on 01 January 2005, not Easter.

    Approximately twelve years later The Doctor returns for Amelia so it must be 2016/17. Then the adventure of The Eleventh Hour unfolds, The Doctor goes back to his TARDIS and returns for Amy two years later.

    So, surely the story is now being picked up in 2018/19. Which means they are only a year away from the events of The Hungry Earth and years after 26 June 2010, the day Rory and Amy married and conceived River Song.

    Can this be explained?

    Gary Adams

  • Reply to: Timewyrm: Exodus   11 months 2 weeks ago
    Author: Andrew Herlan

    Autons and The Three Doctors?

    See what this Terrance Dicks wrote for the Master's introduction scene in the Terror of the Autons novelisation, pages 24-26. Then I dare you to try and say that the 'War Chief and the Master are two completely separate characters. With a straight face.

    Is there ANOTHER Terrance Dicks who specifically wrote in the novelisation of The Three Doctors(page 93):

    "In his various incarnations, the Doctor had found himself up against many terrifying enemies. With the exception of the Master, this was the first time he had found himself opposed by a fellow Time Lord. And in comparison to Omega, the Master shrank almost to a petty criminal."

    Or, is that a second Terrance Dicks, who also was working on Doctor Who at the same time?

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