No More Lies

Roots: Lucie refers to This is Spinal Tap ("let's take this up to eleven!") and Flash Gordon.

Technobabble: The Doctor says that the Tar-Modowk feed by "Chronosynthesis".

Dialogue Disasters: "Give me your time!"

Dialogue Triumphs: Charley: "You're always looking at my bum, you."
The Doctor: "I am not!"

"I love you like a brother-in-law!"
"I am your brother-in-law!"

"Aliens! Screwdrivers! Time-loops! I meant plenty of your sort when I was on the force..."

Continuity: The Tar-Modowk feed on time and are drawn to it like flowers to sunlight. They are especially drawn to temporal anomalies. They are roughly humanoid and much larger than humans. They ride Vortisaurs (Storm Warning) through the Vortex. Time loops eventually erode the barriers between reality and the Vortex, letting the Tar-Modowk through. The Tar-Modowk evolved from the Meg-bania and have spent aeons trying to find some trace of their previous existence: the time focus from the Meg-bania ship is the only surviving Meg-bania artefact.

Zimmerman is humanoid, but not human.

Zimmerman's time loop doesn't work on Lucie, because she isn't a full time sensitive. The Headhunter abducts Lucie at the end of this story, causing the TARDIS Cloister Bell to ring and leading into Human Resources.

The Doctor sends a sonic pulse through the TARDIS' outer shell to repel the vibration-sensitive Vortisaurs. There is a panel on the TRADIS console marked "Temporal Recurrence Warning", with a light that flashes if the TARDIS materialises inside a time-loop.

Links: The Doctor notes that he used to have a pet Vortisaur (Ramsey, who debuted in Storm Warning and remained in the TARDIS until Minuet in Hell). Lucie mentions her Auntie Pat (Horror of Glam Rock).

Location: On board a Meg-bania timeship in the Vortex; inside Zimmerman's time loop [based on late twentieth-century Earth].

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor and Lucy have been dealing with Zimmerman for some time by the start of this story.

The Bottom Line: The sort of love story that Paul Sutton seems fond of, with some unusual touches (the intertwining of the different time-zones at the start) and a great cast. The sound design is fantastic. The Tar-Modowk are sufficiently interesting to make this more than just a romance. The ending is quite poignant.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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