Fear of the Daleks

Roots: Zoe mentions the Rosetta Stone.

Goofs: The Doctor promises Zoe that there is no danger of meeting the Daleks because of the events of The Evil of the Daleks, apparently forgetting that he has a time machine and could therefore meet them at an earlier point in their history.

Dialogue Disasters: Atricar calls Jamie "skirt boy".

On meeting the Daleks, the Doctor's response is "Oh no, not you again!"

Dialogue Triumphs: "Didn't they teach you anything in universal domination school?"

Continuity: Zoe has been having nightmares about the Daleks ever since she returned to the Wheel, but due to the Time Lords' memory block, doesn't fully understand what they are. She clearly remembers parting company with the Doctor and Jamie after the Cybermen were defeated. She was terrified by the Daleks when the Doctor showed her the thought projection.

The Doctor recognises the crystal as Dalek technology on sight. Professor Atricar uses the psychic crystal, mined on a Dalek slave colony, to build a mind projector, which he can use to control the minds of others. The crystal allows minds to be projected outside bodies in such a way that the projection is tangible and able to kill. A projector chip is required in the brain of the subject to project the mind outside the body. Minds can only return to their host bodies with the aid of an operator. The Daleks are trying to provoke war between the Xantha and the Tibari. When the three Daleks use the crystal to leave their bodies, they program their bodies to kill in response to signs of treachery.

Atricar forces Zoe to attempt to assassinate the Tibari president, during which she has to pretend to be from Barrier Colony Nine: she is unable to warn the President due to Atricar's mental control. Zoe eats a meal that resembles pea soup but is saltier.

Aliens present in the city include a blue-skinned being with four arms and two mouths. The Xantha are humanoid off-shoots with blue skins, four arms, and two mouths, from an Earth colony. The peace-loving Tibari are amphibious and vaguely resemble red snappers: their ancestors were transplanted from Earth to Tibari Prime by unknown aliens. They have sharp teeth and vestigial gills. All Tibari have a small degree of psi-powers.

Links: The War Games. There are references to the Daleks showing Zoe the events of The Evil of the Daleks. Zoe's dreams of the past presumably take place before The Tip of the Mind (Short Trips: Companions). After recounting her dreams, Zoe hears the Doctor's voice telling her that the Daleks really have met their final end, which is presumably a reference to the Time War.

Location: Levonia, [after 2966, the dating of The Evil of the Daleks according to Lance Parkin's AHistory].

Future History: The city is built in the crater of an asteroid Levonia and is in neutral space between the Xantha and the Tibera: it is hosting peace talks between the two species. The Xantha invaded Tibari Prime during their expansion across space.

The Bottom Line: "The last time, I said they had met their final end. I was wrong then." An oddly disappointing exercise in B-movie sci-fi clichés, although Wendy Padbury does a fine job as narrator.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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