The Eleventh Hour

Roots: The Doctor's food sequence comes from the introduction of Tiggr in Winnie the Pooh. The Doctor mentions Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter. Amy's relationship with the Doctor is recycled from The Girl in the Fireplace, and the hospital, and the Doctor's new clothes are a homage to Spearhead from Space.

Goofs: The food scene goes from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, but it's 11:30pm when the Doctor leaves in the TARDIS. There's no way the scenes in Amelia's bedroom take two hours, so where did the time go? [Sealing the crack in time jolted time in Leadworth forward by a couple of hours.]

Rory's pass was issued 30/11/1990, which means that it was issued far too early for everybody to be carry around video phones (and in case you think that he's just way older than he looks, it's stated that he grew up with Amy). Also, it says that he works in the Emergency Unit, whereas the plot makes it clear that he works a lot in the coma ward. [Perhaps he moved wards without getting a new pass.]

There's a woman using her mobile to take pictures of the sky who is in a phone box. Why would she be in a phone box if she's got a mobile? [She's on pay-as-you-go and is out of credit.]

The Doctor's 20 minute estimate assumes one spaceship, when there's a whole battlefleet (and how does he later know that there's an entire fleet of them, anyway?), yet events between then and the capture of prisoner zero (which he says gives two minutes to spare) takes longer takes 26 minutes from when he first says 20 minutes, and 22 minutes from when he last says it, and we don't even see the travel time between scenes. However, clocks go from 11:30 to 11:48 between the first 20 minutes and the two minutes to spare..

In real life, Fermat didn't die in a duel - the mathematician who did was Galois.

When Prisoner Zero becomes Amelia and the Doctor, the copy of Amelia is clearly not there when we see the back of Prisoner Zero, but she walks out from behind him moments later.

Why do the threats to Earth seen by the Atraxi include Ood and Hath - who have clearly never been a threat to Earth - and Sea Devils, who are native to the planet? [The images are taken from the Doctor's mind, and they are just enemies he's defeated that he happens to remember - which explains why the incarnations of the Doctor are in order.]

Dialogue Triumphs: The Doctor: "Do I look like people?"

The Doctor: "You're scottish - fry something."

The Doctor: "You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?"
Amelia: "Yes."
The Doctor: "Everything's going to be fine."

Amy: "We're being staked out by an ice-cream van."

Amy: "You're worse than my aunt."
The Doctor: "I'm the Doctor. I'm worse than everybody's aunt."

Amy: "I grew up."
The Doctor: "Don't worry. I'll soon fix that."

Amy: "I started to think that maybe you were just like a madman with a box."
The Doctor: "Amy Pond, there's something you'd better understand about me. It's important, and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box."

And many more.

Continuity: Amelia Pond prays to Santa. She got dolls, pencils, and fish for Christmas. She had to move to England from Scotland, and thinks it's rubbish. She doesn't have a mum and dad, just her Aunt Sharon, who is happy to go out and leave her alone. She used to hate apples, so her mum put faces on them. Over the next 12 years, she goes through four psychiatrists - biting them because they said that the Doctor wasn't real. She grows up to become a kissogram, and shortens her name to Amy. However, she still retains her scottish accent - although she can put on an English one.

The crack in Amelia's wall has voices coming out of it. It is actually a split in space-time. There's a voice and a draught coming through it, saying "Prisoner Zero has escaped."

The Doctor uses a grappling hook to climb out of the upended TARDIS, having fallen into the swimming pool, which was in the library. Post-regeneration, he has a craving for apples, but considers it disgusting. He then goes through yoghurt, fried bacon, baked beans, bread and butter, not liking any of it, before settling on fish fingers and custard. During this, he dismisses the idea of carrots. He breathes out vortex energy (The Parting of the Ways) whilst regenerating. He scans the crack with the sonic screwdriver. He has brown eyes. He knows the original proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, a proof that electrons have mass, and something about faster than light travel with two diagrams and a joke, which he uses to convince astronomical experts that he's a genius. He writes a computer virus that's very clever, super-fast, and a tiny bit alive. He borrows a fire engine and takes some clothes from the hospital. He may be using telepathy to direct Amy's dreams so that she sees prisoner zero in its true form. The TARDIS key glows to tell the Doctor that it is fixed. It has a new-look interior, and gives the Doctor a new sonic screwdriver.

Prisoner zero is an inter-dimensional multi-form. It needs a psychic link with a living, but dormant, mind to assume another form, and takes the form of them together with any person or thing that they are dreaming about. This kind of link needs months to form. Multi-forms can live for millennia of years.

The Atraxi are the prison guards for Prisoner Zero. They can communicate through a crack in space-time, get a fix on the Doctor through it and trace his location, which is why they turned up 12 years late. The Atraxi's threat to incinerate the Earth requires a 40% fission blast. Powering up for this from a medium-sized starship should take about 20 minutes. They can seal off a planet's upper atmosphere with a force-field. They can scan the Doctor and tell that he is not from Earth, and scan the planet and determine that it is not a threat.

Leadworth is an English village. It doesn't have an airport or a nuclear power station, and the nearest city is Gloucester, which is half an hour away by car. But it does have a post office, a pub, and a duck pond with no ducks.

Rory Williams is a nurse working at the Royal Leadworth Hospital's emergency unit. His pass was issued on the date 30/11/1990 and is number 039421. He is Amy's boyfriend and has a mini cooper with the registration N191 CUY. The hospital's coma ward is on the first floor, it's on the left and the fourth window from the end.

Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation establishes that a species cannot burn a fully-established level 5 planet, such as 21st Century Earth.

Links: The Doctor says "Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey" (Blink). We hear the cloister bells, as the TARDIS engines are phasing. Prisoner Zero says that the cracks in the skin of the universe will open, the Pandorica will open, and silence will fall, which is almost certainly a reference to something that will happen later in the series. The Doctor mentions the Shadow Proclamation (Rose, The Stolen Earth). The Doctor opens the TARDIS doors by clicking his fingers (Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead).

When the Doctor asaks the Atraxi if this world is protected, they see images of the Cybus Cybermen (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, The Next Doctor), the Daleks from the Genesis Ark (Doomsday), the Racnoss (The Runaway Bride), the Ood (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, Planet of the Ood), the Hath (The Doctor's Daughter), the Sycorax (The Christmas Invasion), the Sea Devils (The Sea Devils, [TV]Warriors of the Deep[/TV}), and the Reapers (Father's Day) as well as the faces of the first ten Doctors.

Extras: This story has an episode of Doctor Who Confidential

Location: London, the present day. Leadworth, at Easter (12 years before the main story, something close to the present day, and two years later).

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has Patrick Moore's phone number, but warns Jeff's gran to watch him, because "he's a devil". He has the original proof of Fermat's [Last] Theorem, but Fermat got killed before he could write it down. The Doctor claims that it's his fault because he slept in.

The Bottom Line: 'Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically... Run.' The Eleventh Hour is very much a triumphant return for the series. Matt Smith absolutely is the Doctor from the off (something you couldn't always say about previous incarnations), and Amy Pond is very well introduced. However, despite having to introduce a new Doctor and companion, the story is very strong. The plot is solid and very Doctor Who, and the dialogue sparkles throughout. In short, the Moffat era of Doctor Who gets itself off to a very strong start.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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It's possible that I missed something, maybe you can help.

At the end of The End of Time the Tenth Doctor visits all of his companions, last of which is Rose on New Year's morning before they met in 2005.

The TARDIS takes off and starts to break up as The Doctor regenerates. This part of the story continues at the beginning of The Eleventh Hour when the TARDIS crash lands on Amelia Pond's aunt's shed.

After his initial meeting with Amelia he says he has to test run the TARDIS then he'll come back for her.

There doesn't seem to be any hint of the TARDIS travelling in time throughout any of this so the meeting between The Doctor and Amelia must take place on 01 January 2005, not Easter.

Approximately twelve years later The Doctor returns for Amelia so it must be 2016/17. Then the adventure of The Eleventh Hour unfolds, The Doctor goes back to his TARDIS and returns for Amy two years later.

So, surely the story is now being picked up in 2018/19. Which means they are only a year away from the events of The Hungry Earth and years after 26 June 2010, the day Rory and Amy married and conceived River Song.

Can this be explained?

Gary Adams

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