A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-sixth Century (2501-2600)

26th Century

[At the beginning of the 26th Century, human politics had shifted significantly. Over time, the majority of colonies had been brought under the umbrella of Earth. The Adjudicators now served as enforcers of an imperial law. Although the colonies still enjoyed a large degree of independence, they had definitely become part of a larger human empire, with Earth at the centre.]



On the prison system of Justicia, the Blathereen family from Raxacoricofallapatorius have been infiltrating the command structure, posing as humans. Their plot is revealed when the core of the family are killed, and a warder called Flowers takes control of the system, implementing widespread reforms.

[Dennel tells Rose the year on page 32.]


A peace conference is held in the New Washington system.

[This is due to happen a year after The Monsters Inside page 237.]

June 2503

[The Collected Works of Gustaf Heinrich Urnst is reprinted in London. It strikes a chord with the people of that time.

[The Highest Science pages 47-48, this is implied to be after Benny's time - as seeing this date, she seems surprised that Urnst suffered a revival.]

c. 2510


The paraplegic Jack Forrester is involved in a Synthhuman/virus project to eliminate the 'Sons of Earth' movement. The movement, based in the frontier worlds, aims to throw off the domination of Frontworld Corporation.

[There is no date to this story. Following the pattern of the book, it should be set during the 26th century. I suggest that the Cyberwars, Dragon wars and Dalek wars later in the century would stop the 'Sons of Earth' protests - as the threat of alien invasion would be uppermost in their minds.]



The Artefact in the Elysium System becomes dormant, killing all those inside it at the time.

[The colony was established soon after the American food riots (which are dated 2146 in Lucifer Rising). This was 367 years ago (page 73). Earth also has an empire by this point (page 137). Two references suggest an earlier date. Alex Bannon (from Lucifer Rising - 2157) died "more than two centuries ago" (page 165), making it the late 24th century. 1706 is said to have been "more than seven hundred years ago," making it the early 25th century.]


An incident during peace negotiations between the Human and Draconian Empires led to a brief, but very bloody, war between the two empires. The war ended with a peace treaty establishing a formal border between the two empires. Two decades of cold war ensued.

[Twenty years before Frontier in Space.]

c. 2520

During these Dragon Wars, a deep-space incursion squadron led by Shirankha Hall shelters from a pursuing Draconian fleet on a world halfway between the growing Earth and Draconian Protectorates. The world is pleasant with no large predators, and he names it Heaven.

[Love and War page 10.]



The resurgent Cybermen attempt to disrupt an interplanetary peace conference to be held on Earth. They plant a bomb on Earth and plan to use a captured freighter to sneak an army into the conference. Their bomb is discovered and defused, and then the freighter disappears.

[The Doctor says it is the 26th century, and Adric calculates the year. There are two problems with this story. One is that the cyber-scanner shows the events of Revenge of the Cybermen, which happens in the 29th or 30th century. It could be that the Cyber-scanner is similar in design to the Time-Space Visualiser that we see in The Chase, or (more likely), that it has probed the Doctor's memories of fighting the Cybermen. Alternatively these are time-travelling Cybermen aiming to change their race's history by changing these events.]

[The other problem is that the Cyber-leader believes the conference will create an alliance against the Cybermen whilst Scott hasn't even heard of the Cybermen. Perhaps only the top generals and politicians know about the Cybermen. Alternatively, peace between those at the conference could create an alliance that would become hostile to the Cybermen when it encountered them. If the Cyberscanner can show the future, it may have shown the Cybermen what would result from the conference.]


Learning of the Cyberman plot caused the peace negotiations to end in an alliance. This new alliance fought a genocidal war against the Cybermen. The Cybermen were, in the end, defeated when the humans discovered Voga, a planet with vast amounts of gold. Aided by INITEC's glittergun technology, the Empire was able to defeat the Cybermen with ease.

[This is the logical outcome of Earthshock. I suggest that the Draconians were not part of this alliance, because of the situation in Frontier in Space. Perhaps the conference was an attempt to unite the Earth Empire with independent colonies in case of the peace with the Draconians breaking down. The CyberWar here is the CyberWar referred to in Revenge of the Cybermen. INITEC's role is mentioned in Original Sin.]



The Mithran Fusiliers, a religion of humans partly converted into Cybermen, arrive on the planet Paradise. Their leader commits suicide, and the rest of them decide to stay on the planet and protect its natives.

[The date is unspecified. Humanity is engaged in a war with the Cybermen (page 80), and is referred to as Imperial (page 74). Therefore, I've chosen to set the story during this CyberWar.]

c. 2530


[During the course of the Cyberwar,] the Cybermen stole a [prototype] time machine. They sent an invasion force back to Earth in the year 1985. Their plan was to divert Halley's comet and cause a crisis on Earth that would prevent the destruction of Mondas in the following year. Their plan was defeated.

[There is no date to this story, but pretty much every chronology places this here. The only clue is that it is some time after Tomb of the Cybermen. The situation - that the Cybermen are desperate enough to try this kind of scheme - fits the period of the end of the CyberWar started in Earthshock. Furthermore, the Cybermen's design clearly suggests that the two stories are not too distant from each other.]

c. 2530

Soon after this, the Cybermen launched a final, desperate, attack on Voga. They blew the planet out of its orbit, and its remains slowly drifted towards Earth's Solar System. The few remaining CyberNeomorphs then disappeared from history for thousands of years.

[This is the background to Revenge of the Cybermen. In that story, we see Cybermen who have a different design to the CyberNeomorphs we first saw in Earthshock. I agree with David Banks' Cybermen that these are a rogue group of CyberNomads, rather than descendants of the CyberNeomorphs. However, as we see Cybermen in The Crystal Bucephalus, several thousand years after this, some Cybermen must have survived after this time.]


Professor Dale is jailed for activities on behalf of the pro-Draconian Peace Party.

[A year before Frontier in Space.]

c. 2539

[The Bell Jar is banned.

[Trench says that this was "decades" before Love and War page 87.]



There are a number of incidents on the Earth-Draconia border. These almost force the two powers into a full-scale war. War is averted when these incidents are found to have been the work of the Daleks, who had long been forgotten. This discovery leads to an alliance between Earth and Draconia, who unite in a war against the Daleks.

[The date and time are given as, presumably meaning 10.09 pm on the 12th of March 2540, though the President cancels a meeting for the 10th of January. Shadowmind dates this as 130 years ago from 2673 - so about 2543 - (page 71) and as 2540 (page 74).]



The Daleks had hidden a vast army on the planet Spiridon, ready to move into action when the planned Earth-Draconia war had left both empires sufficiently vulnerable. This army was destroyed by the Thals, [who didn't know who the Daleks were planning to conquer].

[This is set at the same time as Frontier in Space. The Thals seem ignorant of Earth's existence, so they cannot possibly know the details of the Daleks' plans. They still have no contact with humanity by War of the Daleks. One of the Daleks says that the Thal ship is from Skaro, but we learn in War of The Daleks that the Thals were forced off Skaro by the Daleks not that long after The Daleks. The Dalek must therefore be referring to the design rather than the actual ship.]


Soon after these events, Shirankha Hall tells the Draconian Ambassador about the world of Heaven, which he had discovered during the Dragon Wars. He contacts the Earth President, and suggests that the two empires take joint possession, and bury their dead there. Two years later, during a lull in the fighting, the leaders of the two powers sign several agreements on Heaven. Soon after this, "every human in space" is sent to Heaven for burial.

[Love and War pages 10-11. Bodies have been sent there for three decades by page 92.]

25th June 2540

Bernice Surprise Summerfield is born to Isaac and Claire Summerfield on the colony Beta Caprisis.

[This date first appeared in Just War (page 135-136), and has now been universally adopted. However, Love and War places her birthday in autumn [perhaps only according to the seasons on Heaven]. In The Dimension Riders, Benny celebrates her birthday on 20th November 1993 - perhaps referring to her personal timeline, rather than her chronological birthday. Beta Caprisis is mentioned in Love and War (page 75) and The Left-Handed Hummingbird (page 75). Some earlier New Adventures place Benny in the 25th Century, though this would contradict Frontier in Space. The Highest Science and The Pit both say she comes from about 2450. This would make her year of birth a bit before 2420. Falls the Shadow places her birthday as 2422.]

Mid 26th Century

The Dalek War affected a huge number of planets. Capella, Antonius and Procyon were just three of the planets on the front line. The Daleks used plague warfare on numerous worlds. On one such world, Yalmur, tens of thousands were killed by plague. Space Fleet, based on worlds such as Garaman, managed to keep the Daleks away from Earth's Core Worlds. Thus, the Empire shipyards on worlds such as Harato were able to keep pace with the demand from Human and Earth Reptile forces. Troops allowed shore leave flocked to leisure planets such as Ellanon and Bacchanalia 2.

Space Fleet was not alone in the war. [In addition to the Draconian Alliance,] there were [independent] Earth Reptile forces as well as Corporate Forces. The Corporate shock troops of the 22nd Century had evolved into extra military resources. Ellerycorp, Peggcorp, Spinward, and IMC all had sizeable battlefleets.

Earth's most determined force, however, were the Dalek Killers. These were hardened criminals given the choice between the death penalty and a life spent fighting Daleks. DKs who survived their first mission usually went on to become battle-hardened veterans. The most famous of the DKs, Abslom Daak, killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Daleks. He was so good that Spacefleet made several clones.

Earth's military technology was given a huge boost by the War, as civilian scientists were co-opted into the war effort. Intelligent weapons systems were now standard issue. Dart guns, data corrupting missiles, spikes, clusters and forceshells, random field devices, self-locating mines and drones were all part of planetary forces' armour. Nanotechnology research was diverted to healing war wounds and fighting alien infections, rather than cosmetic surgery.

Spacecraft too were adapted to military purposes. X-Ships now ferried personnel, supplies, and communications. They used warp engines and ion drives. Although it took only a few weeks to travel human space, Deep Sleep was resurrected to conserve supplies. [This was, in many ways, a contingency measure rather than because of severe shortages - several weeks extra supplies at the front could make the difference between victory and defeat - especially if the Daleks mounted a siege.] Battleships now had a complement of 1000 and were easily a match for Dalek Battlesaucers.

[The biggest technological problem Spacefleet faced was communications. Although FTL interstellar communications had been achieved long ago, it was not fast enough for effective strategy - by the time Space Fleet command received an update, the situation had totally changed. This made allocating combat resources incredibly difficult, even with the Space Fleet Datanet system.] By the end of the war, this problem had been overcome with the invention of the fastline system. This allowed interstellar communications to take place almost in real-time.

[This is the background to Love and War and Deceit.]


The Daleks raid Vandor Prime. One of the many casualties is Claire Summerfield. At about the same time, Isaac Summerfield's Dalekbuster spacecraft breaks formation and flees the battle. Isaac and Claire's daughter, Bernice, is sent to a military boarding school.

[These events are mentioned in numerous New Adventures, the disappearance of Isaac Summerfield is the official version, rather than the true account seen in Return of the Living Dad.]



Base XL-7, located on a planet on the edge of the Magellanis system is abandoned when it is discovered that the planet is a sentient life form about to die.

[The Doctor says that he acquired the planet in the 25th Century, so this has to be in or after that century. As Sebastian's girlfriend, Tarla, was killed by the Daleks, I have chosen to set the story during the 26th Century Dalek Wars.]


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