Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

The Sun Makers

This is the fourth story in Season 15.


The Fourth Doctor dresses in a rather bohemian outfit, notable for its long scarf. He is somewhat alien, willing to play the fool, and almost never gets on with authority figures.


Leela is a member of the Tribe of Sevateem. They are descendants of human colonists who were bred for physical prowess and lived in a technologically primitive society. Leela is inclined to violent solutions to problems. She carries a knife and a deadly plant called a Janis Thorn.

K9 is a robotic dog from the 52nd Century. In The Invisible Enemy his creator Professor Marius was unable to take him with him when returning to Earth, so he gave K9 to the Doctor and Leela. K9 is very literal in his thinking and is programmed to obey his master and mistress.

Recurring and Historical Characters





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