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This is the eighth novel in Virgin's New Adventures range.

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This happens in sequence with the rest of the New Adventures.

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The Seventh Doctor is short, dark-haired, and speaks with a slight scottish accent. He thinks of himself as "Time's Champion", deliberately seeking out situations to "put right". He usually has a plan, and is willing to manipulate everyone - including his companions - to achieve it.


Ace was a teenaged delinquent in 1980s Perivale. She invented her own homemade explosive called nitro-nine, and prefers her nickname of Ace to her real name of Dorothy. She she was swept away from Perivale by a timestorm, ending up on Iceworld in the far future. Ace met the Seventh Doctor in Dragonfire and became his companion.

During her travels with the Doctor Ace has grown up considerably. However she has been hurt by the way the Doctor has manipulated her. In particular she was hurt by the way he tricked her in The Curse of Fenric and the way he forced her to face the evil she sensed in a house her 13 year old self had burnt down in Ghost Light. She calls the Doctor "Professor".

Recurring and Historical Characters

Susan Foreman is the Doctor's granddaughter. Susan adopted the surname Foreman whilst staying on Earth during 1963. She appeared in the first TV story An Unearthly Child, where she was a pupil at Coal Hill School in London. During that story Susan was followed home by two of her teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. This led to them joining her and the Doctor in travelling through space and time. In The Dalek Invasion of Earth the Doctor abandoned her on 22nd Century Earth to marry a human. He was briefly reunited with her in The Five Doctors.

The Doctor left Susan on Earth in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.



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