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Planet of the Daleks

This is the fourth story in Season 10


The Third Doctor has white hair, a large nose, and tends to dress as a society dandy. He has a love of technology, historical name-dropping, and vehicles. In The War Games the Doctor's people (the Time Lords) sentenced him to exile on Earth. In Spearhead from Space, he was appointed as scientific advisor to UNIT. In The Three Doctors the Time Lords revoked his exile.


Josephine "Jo" Grant is the Doctor's assistant at UNIT. She failed General Science A Level, but has had training in escapology, cryptology, and explosives. She first appeared in Terror of the Autons..

Recurring and Historical Characters

The Daleks are a race of evil mutants encased in powerful cyborg bodies whose shape is reminiscent of pepperpots. The Doctor has fought them many times, first encountering them on their home planet of Skaro in The Daleks., where he, Ian, Barbara, and Susan helped the Thals to defeat a group of Daleks. In Frontier in Space, they were behind a plot to force the Earth Empire and the Draconian Empire into war with each other. The Doctor foiled that plot, and decided to follow the Daleks back to their home base. The Doctor considers the Daleks his greatest enemy, and they are a serious threat to anyone they encounter.

The Thals are natives of the planet Skaro. They are blond and blue-eyed. In The Daleks,the Doctor and his companions persuaded them to turn their backs on pacifism in order to deal with the Daleks, who wanted to exterminate them.

Whilst this story follows on from Frontier in Space and is a sequel to The Daleks, you only really need a broad overview of either story to understand this one.



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