Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

Galaxy 4

This is the first story in Season 3

Only episode 3 exists in the archives.

Where does this fit?

This happens in line with the rest of the season.


The first Doctor looks like a human in his sixties. He is physically quite frail, but has a keen intellect. He is paternalistic towards his companions, and has a degree of arrogance towards others. He sometimes mispronounces words.


Vicki Pallister was an orphaned teenager in the 25th Century. She had been a passenger on a spaceship that crashed on the planet Dido. By the time she met the first Doctor in The Rescue (Classic Series, Season 2), there were only two survivors left. When the other survivor, a man called Bennett, was killed by the natives in revenge for his attack on them, the Doctor and his travelling companions Ian and Barbara offered Vicki a chance to travel with them on the TARDIS.

Steven Taylor was a space pilot from an unknown time in the future. His spacecraft landed on the planet Mechanus, where a group of robots called Mechanoids held him prisoner. In The Chase, he escaped when the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki visited the planet whilst on the run from a Dalek time machine. He stowed away on the TARDIS not knowing it was capable of time travel.

Recurring and Historical Characters





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