Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

Foreign Devils

This is the fifth Doctor Who novella published by Telos.

Where does this fit?

This happens at some point between Season 5's The Wheel in Space and Season 6's The War Games.

Other Guides to this Story


The second Doctor is short with a beatles moptop. He tends to act the part of a fool and give events a push in the right direction rather than directly taking control. He also plays the recorder.


Jamie McCrimmon is a scots piper who met the Doctor after the battle of Culluden in The Highlanders (Classic Series Season 4). He is proud of his scottishness and wears a kilt and carries a dirk (knife). The second Doctor leaves most of his action to Jamie.

Zoe Heriot is a 21st century astrophysicist who met the Doctor in The Wheel in Space (Classic Series Season 5). She has an eidetic memory and vast reasoning ability.

Recurring and Historical Characters



William Hodgeson's nine Carnacki stories, whilst being nothing to do with Doctor Who, introduce the character of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, who plays a significant role in this novella.


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