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Fallen Gods

This is the tenth novella published by Telos. It won the the Aurealis Award for best Australian science fiction novel of 2004, and is the only Doctor Who story to date that has been nominated for a literary award.

Where does this fit?

The themes of this novel suggest that it probably takes place at some point after the novel The Ancestor Cell

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The eighth Doctor has byronesque hair and tends to wear velvet coats. Initially, he was childlike and has a sense of wonder about him. In The Ancestor Cell he was forced to destroy his homeworld and suffered amnesia as a result. By this point, he has regained some of his memory.


The Doctor's (unnamed) companions are in the TARDIS for the whole story and never appear.

Recurring and Historical Characters


In The Time Monster the Doctor visited ancient Atlantis. During that visit, a powerful being called Kronos was released from his imprisonment in the Kronos crystal, destroying Atlantis.

The Doctor was forced to destroy his home planet of Gallifrey in The Ancestor Cell


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