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Brigadier Bambera

Brigadier Winifred Bambera

Winifred Bambera is not only UNIT UK's first senior woman officer, but also its first senior black officer. Captain Bambera commanded Zen Platoon Three during the New World University Incident.

She was promoted to Brigadier and commander of UNIT UK soon after this incidentv following the retirement of Brigadier Crichton. As commander of UNIT UK, she was involved in the Carbury incident. During this incident, Bambera called in Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart as an advisor, suggesting that she felt inadequate to deal with certain elements of the job. She was also strongly involved in the resistance forces during the Martian Invasion later that year. However, she ceded overall command to Lethbridge-Stewart during this incident. Bambera was replaced as head of UNIT UK by Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood.

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