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The Monsters Inside

This is the second New Series tie-in novel. It features Rose Tyler's first visit to an alien planet.

Where does this fit?

This happens in Series 1 at some point between Rose and The Empty Child, probably after The Long Game.

Other Guides to this Story


The ninth Doctor wears a leather jacket and has short hair and big ears. He has a love of life, as well as a sadness about him. His home planet of Gallifrey was destroyed in a war.


Rose Tyler is a 19-year old girl from London c.2005. In Rose she was working in Henrik's department store when the ninth Doctor was investigating Auton activity in the store and blew it up. In the events that followed this Rose helped the Doctor defeat the Nestene Consciousness's attempt to take over the world and he offered her a chance to travel in the TARDIS, leaving behind her mum, Jackie, and boyfriend Mickey. In The End of the World the Doctor took her to the far future to see the day the Earth is destroyed. During this trip he upgraded her mobile phone, tying it into the TARDIS so that she can call home no matter where or when she is.

Recurring and Historical Characters

The Slitheen are a family business consisting of aliens from the planet Raxicoracofallapatorius. In Aliens of London/World War Three the Doctor and Rose defeated the family's plan to turn Earth into radioactive waste which they could sell as space fuel. They disguised themselves as humans by killing the original human and using a compression device to fit inside their skin. They left their "suits" by unzipping a zip hidden in the forehead. Their technology only allowed them to fit inside large humans.

Aliens of London and World War Three chronicle the Doctor and Rose's previous encounter with the Slitheen.



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