The U.N.I.T. Files


1979 was just another year for late-70s UNIT. Fairly low-key activity and few unusual incidents.

The Birmingham Warehouse Siege

Early in 1979, UNIT troops were involved in the storming of a warehouse in Central Birmingham. The troops involved were drawn from both UNIT and the regular army, commanded by regular army officer Brigadier Brunner. The official explanation was that the army had discovered an IRA cell based in the warehouse. However, no details of the terrorists were ever released.

The Mona Lisa Fakes

Also in this year, NUIT - the French arm of UNIT - was called in to investigate claims that the Mona Lisa was actually a fake. They are said to have discovered six fake Mona Lisas, perfect in every detail, in the home of Count Scarloni, a nobleman living in France who disappeared at around the same time.

The St Cedds Incident

This was the last recorded public sighting of the Bohemian Doctor. This Doctor was seen in Cambridge, visiting St Cedds College. The course of events is unclear, but the Bohemian Doctor was seen running through the streets of Cambridge being chased by a spherical object.

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