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1984 is a year with a lot of recorded UNIT activity. There was an incident in the isolated village of Little Hodcombe, an apparent raid on UNIT HQ, an incident near the Thames, and an incident in Tibet.

The Little Hodcombe War Games

In 1984, the little village of Little Hodcombe was hosting a Civil War re-enactment, to celebrate the anniversary of the Civil War coming to Little Hodcombe. During - and for a while after - these war games, the youthful Doctor is known to have been in the village. UNIT troops arrived in the town after the local church was blown up - apparently by these "War Games". It has never been explained just how the re-enacters could have obtained enough explosives to blow up the building, or how they could have done it accidentally. There was no legal action of any kind against anybody involved, and UNIT took over management of the church site.

The UNIT raid

According to a former UNIT source, in July 1984 some highly-armed and highly-trained Americans raided UNIT HQ London. Our source claims that they kidnapped Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and ransacked the UNIT laboratory, which he identified as the Doctor's laboratory (presumably a reference to the UNIT Doctor or the Bohemian Doctor). According to this source, the Bohemian Doctor appeared from nowhere and helped track down Lethbridge Stewart to the US army base at Greenham Common. It seems rather unlikely that the US army would kidnap a British officer in a raid on a United Nations facility, but it is not totally beyond the grounds of possibility.

The Det-Sen Investigation

Details of this operation are slightly sketchy, but in August 1984, two UNIT officers were sent to Tibet following an explosion at an isolated monastery by the name of Det Sen. This incident has been linked with both the London Event of 1968 and the New World University incident of 1995. Leaked documents from a source we consider to be unreliable mention that all these events had something to do with something called the Great Intelligence and robotic Yeti.

The Bomb Disposal Mystery

In the Autumn of 1984, there was a strange incident which occurred in the London Docks. A bomb disposal team headed by a Colonel Archer was dispatched to investigate some cannisters in an abandoned warehouse. The team all either disappeared or died. Some reports concerning the incident suggest that The Youthful Doctor was involved in events, and that the team were killed by policemen armed with machine pistols. The reports on the deaths of Colonel Archer, Professor Laird, and Sergeant Calder state that their deaths are unexplained. However, some of our sources tell us that there are files not on public record concerning the circumstances and causes of their deaths.

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