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The Ultimate Foe

This story comprises episodes thirteen and fourteen of the season-long story The Trial of a Time Lord.


The sixth Doctor is brash, stubborn, and often condescending and arrogant. He wears a bright multi-coloured coat.


Melanie "Mel" Bush is a computer programmer and fitness fanatic from the 1980s. The Doctor has yet to meet her, but in Terror of the Vervoids (the previous part of the Trial season) he saw an adventure from his future where he was already travelling with him.

Recurring and Historical Characters

The Valeyard is the prosecutor in the Doctor's trial.

The Inquisitor is the judge in the Doctor's trial.

The Master is a Time Lord and an enemy and rival of the Doctor. In Terror of the Autons he arrived on Earth and allied with the Nestene Consciousness to attempt to conquer Earth. He was stopped by the Doctor and UNIT. He has since come into conflict with the Doctor on many occasions. In The Keeper of Traken he was reduced to a deathly husk, and then possessed the body of Tremas of Traken. In Logopolis he unleashed a wave of entropy that destroyed a large portion of the universe, including Traken. His actions were also responsible for one of the Doctor's regenerations.

Sabalom Glitz is a petty criminal/loveable rogue who the Doctor has ran into in The Mysterious Planet (episodes 1-4 of this story). In that story Glitz was trying to steal secrets from the planet Ravalox.

This story will make very little sense if you have not seen all three of the previous sections of the Trial of a Time Lord story (The Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp. and Terror of the Vervoids).



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