The Dalek Generation

Roots: There are references to Charles Dickens and Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder.

Continuity: The Dalek Foundation supposedly created the four hundred Sunlight Worlds to provide refuges for the human survivors of a generation scarred and displaced by galactic economic and social collapse, which was the worst galactic recession on record. As such, the Daleks are revered as philanthropists. All of the Sunlight Worlds are surrounded by artificial satellites, some of which maintain gravity, some of which provide artificial sunlight. The Daleks intend to use the Cradle of the Gods to transform them into “a billion Skaros”.

The Dalek Time Controller has swirling, blurring rings rotating across its grating. It disguises itself as the Dalek Litigator here. Its spaceship in the vortex is gigantic and has been fashioned over centuries. It hasn’t met the Doctor in person before, setting this story before Patient Zero in its personal timeline.

The Cradle of the Gods is an ancient structure on Gethria. It isn’t revealed who built it. It feeds on mental power and can reshape matter and energy, transforming worlds. The children are able to use it to rejuvenate themselves and resurrect their parents.
Klektids have seven legs, two mouths, pyramid-shaped heads, flexible extending necks and highly sensitive bone-like ears.

The Eleventh Doctor is currently travelling alone, probably setting this story between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen. He is implanted with a data-chip on Carthedia.

Gethria has three or four moons.

Links: The Dalek Time Controller first appeared in Patient Zero. The Doctor mentions Robomen (The Dalek Invasion of Earth). Humans converted by Dalek nanogenes first appeared in Asylum of the Daleks. The Doctor recalls using a Time Lord message cube himself (The War Games) and recently being drawn into a trap by one (The Doctor’s Wife).

Location: Sunlight 349; Gethria; Carthedia, the future; the Dalek Time Controller’s ship in the Vortex.

Future History: Carthedia is an Earth Alliance colony world.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor and the children take a round trip of ten randomly selected Sunlight Worlds in an attempt to find out what the Daleks are up to.

The Bottom Line:How do you topple an occupying force that everyone trusts?” An interesting concept, but it’s horribly padded and the characterisation of the Doctor is slightly off-key. The twee ending is very annoying.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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